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In completely non-shocking news, Beth used her wisdom to get herself out of a sticky situation.

And her queen narrative stays firmly in place for the time being. But she took a couple of shots to her armor on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

If we know Rio as well as we think we do, then he won't be ready just to let bygones be bygones, which leaves us in an exciting place this early in the season.

Beth Ponders - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

Beth and Rio. Rio and Beth. Trying to define and analyze their relationship's complex dynamics would take more time than this review will allow.

It's complicated, and it's tenuous, and it's comprised of two hard-headed individuals who will always put themselves first. They're an odd couple on paper, but Rio has always gotten Beth in a way that many others haven't.

He saw more than Mrs. Boland, or Kenny's mom, or even Beth. He saw Elizabeth, the beautiful, intelligent woman who was so much more than a PTO mom who makes baked goods. And Beth relished being seen in those early days and relished the authority she was given.

But as we all know, things have only spiraled and spiraled from there. Spiraling to the point that Beth is once again forced to work with the authorities to bring them the big fish.

Planning Time - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

Good Girls has this thing: they recycle storylines from season to season and try to tweak them just enough so the audience doesn't see it. Phoebe and now Dave are essentially the new Turner, going a little off the rails to get what they want.

And while capturing Beth would be a big get, she's small potatoes compared to the mastermind of the operation. They want the guy who's taking home the most significant cut.

That leaves Beth, Ruby, and Annie in a quandary because they've set Rio up to be killed at any moment. And if there's no Rio to turn in, then the pressure shifts right back onto them.

While Rio sees who Beth really is in many ways, the hitman seemed to see a version of Beth that she didn't want to believe exists. She looked down upon him and his chosen profession. But yet, in the end, she's taken that path more than once when it suits her.

Chatting Over Drinks - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

And the hitman's death suited her.

Beth: I just need him alive, okay.
Hitman: You cut a deal.
Beth: It's complicated.

Getting rid of him meant that the contract was off, and it freed her up to work with Phoebe and Dave to arrest Rio, sending her and the kids off to a luxurious suburb, where they can live out their days in the desert.

But Beth and Rio have this pesky habit of underestimating one another. It's probably born out of their superiority complexes.

It's frustrating for viewers, but it makes damn good television. And it allows their cat and mouse game to continue.

Displeased Ruby - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

Rio can smell a rat from far away. He knows that Beth not only lied to him but probably has a much bigger play up her sleeve. The beauty now will be watching what he does next now that their working relationship is currently on ice due to all the police pressure.

Because Beth will still be in his orbit as she tries to bring him down. But will he continue to underestimate her? And will she continue to underestimate him?

Time will tell.

Outside of the central drama, Stan is in a lot of trouble.

He's pretty much wholly tied to his creep of a boss, who has Stan running around town just robbing people and vending machines and whatever else he can think of.

The robberies are reckless, and there's no way Stan hasn't paid back whatever minuscule amount of money he made from those private parties with the strippers, but he's made a deal with the devil. And the devil always collects.

You have to figure he will let Ruby in on what's happening at some point because there's got to be a way to get out from under Gene's thumb before he does something he can't come back from.

Stan isn't perfect, but he's a solid man. And watching him slowly lose himself in this role as a petty criminal is not enjoyable to watch. So, let's all look forward to the day where Gene gets what's coming to him.

Making Plans - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

In Annie news, has she finally gotten it? Has she finally reached a place where she's able to put other people's needs above her own?

You can't make someone like you.

Josh [to Annie]

It would appear that way since she's freeing herself from the shackles of Dr. Cohen and giving Ben freedom and space to make choices she may not love but knows are what's best for him.

Annie is a good mom, and she's not a bad person. She makes a lot of questionable decisions, and she's a narcissist, but she tries. That's what therapy was originally about, her trying, although the whole falling for your therapist sub-plot was unfortunate.

But she sees Ben thriving, and even though it kills her a little bit that he's not thriving with her, she's allowing it to happen and not making it all about her. Sadly, she has to go to his games in secret, but instead of making it a bigger deal and making Ben uncomfortable, she takes the hit so she can watch her child be happy.

And that's a part of parenthood. Your life is no longer just about you. It's about the child you created and helping them be the best person they can be in this world.

Even if Annie doesn't fully get that now, she's much closer to realizing that than she was before. And stopping the sessions and letting go of that connection to Dr. Cohen is also a part of the journey.

Here's to healthier coping skills and healthier love options for Annie in the future! She deserves some happiness.

Odds and Ends

  • On top of storylines, Good Girls also loves bringing back guest stars! Troy was back, and the whole interaction with the ladies in his garage was peak Good Girls comedy. The ladies step in it, and someone has to point out how ridiculous they are being, which the girls happily acknowledge.
Making A Move - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4
  • Beth overcompensating for Dean's absence by letting her kids do whatever they want before ultimately reaching her breaking point was very relatable.
  • Also relatable was Ruby's google search and her and Stan's follow-up conversation about Kanye West living in Wyoming. The question has to be asked!
  • Good Girls has always done musical interludes rather well, but they upped their game this season.

Alright, folks, the time is now yours to tell me all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this installment!

The Letter - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

What will Rio do next?

How does Stan get out of the situation with Gene?

Are Annie and Dr. Cohen over for good?

Drop your comments down below, and make sure you watch Good Girls online right now on TV Fanatic so that you don't miss the fun!

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Sure, whatever. The point is is that if Ben was here, I wouldn't have even had to look it up because he's so much smarter than me. And better than me. And everything in my life is just a lot better whenever he's with me.

Annie [to Josh]

Beth: He has people everywhere.
Dave: No one will know you're with us.
Beth: Except for your entire department.
Dave: It'll just be me.
Phoebe: And me.

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