Prodigal Sister: Ainsley-led Drama Replaces Prodigal Son!

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Are you ready for Ainsley Whitly to take center stage?

The FOX cult-hit is often full of surprises that keep fans engaged and glued to their screens, but shifting the narrative to another wayward Whitly is the most shocking move to date.

And yet, if you've been following along with the series since Prodigal Son Season 1, then you know they've been leaving us with blood-spattered breadcrumbs along the way.

More Than Meets the Eye - Tall - Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 19

The forgotten child no more, Ainsley has played a critical role during Prodigal Son Season 2, fueling the season's most prominent arc that sees the Whitly family in one way or another covering up the grisly truth about a murder.

And an apathetic Ainsley has been at the center of that. Malcolm's primary mission throughout the season is protecting his sister, be it from the truth or the repercussions if it comes out.

Amid that, Malcolm is slowly starting to revisit the Nature versus Nurture argument of the killer gene. In the end, what if he isn't the one that everyone should've worried about all these years? What if it's Ainsley?

Whitly Drama - Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 7

What does a long-lasting legacy look like for a psychopathic killer, and who can carry on the mantle?

Therein lies the groundwork for the anthology series, where one chapter segues into a new one. Consider the final installments of the season as a precursor for an all-new narrative given the greenlight.

Prodigal Son focuses on Malcolm battling Complex PTSD in the wake of a troubling childhood with Martin. He struggles with both the charisma and allure of keeping Martin in his life and the dark, baser instincts that he desperately tries to stave off while immersing himself in investigations that test his limits.

But Prodigal Sister will explore what it's like for the child of a serial killer who begins to embrace everything that she is and is capable of being right under the nose of her loved ones.

Will Ainsley Remember? - Tall - Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 2

If you've watched Prodigal Son online, you'd recall that Ainsley has taken great interest in her father's past, and she's even taken to spending time in his old office among all of his things.

Slowly immersing herself in the world of The Surgeon has opened up some doors that were best left closed.

Malcolm Bright was always the apple of his father's eye, and Martin never hid his hopes that his son would follow in his footsteps, but it's Ainsley who turned out more like her father than anyone could've anticipated.

Daddy's Office- Tall - Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 5

Inspired by Martin's memorable exclamation of "My girl," upon finding out his daughter's deadly deeds, we'll finally get to see a closer relationship blossom between Ainsley and Martin as Martin gets everything he thought he was looking for in Malcolm.

But it's not all fun and blood with these two. Is there room in the Whitly family for two serial killers? Will the child's notoriety surpass the parent?

What happens when a proud Martin becomes deadly jealous of his progeny?

Is Ainsley smart enough to evade a brother in law enforcement and not end up imprisoned like her father?

The Whitly Siblings - tall  - Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 20

One thing she won't have to do is give up her day job. It's a piece of cake getting ahead of the breaking news when you're the one creating it!

Halston Sage was a sleeper talent during the first season, but she had everyone talking by the season finale, and she's more than capable of taking her turn at the helm with an undeniable enthusiasm that will keep fans captivated.

Will you be tuning into Prodigal Sister?

You'll have to wait, well, indefinitely for it, and you'll probably only find it in your dreams!

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