SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Limits of Loyalty

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Jason finally discovered where all his teammates stood.

The court-martial that should never have happened still took place on SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11.

Because of the no-contact order, Jason was beset with worst-case scenarios, having no idea if his Bravo teammates, especially Ray, would have his back.

On Trial -- Tall - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

It was heartening to see that, unlike during the beginning days of the trial on SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 10, Lt. Commander Williams, Jason's JAG lawyer, finally decided to do her damn job.

Back then, based solely on a grainy cell phone video, she urged Jason to "take the deal," like he was a gangbanger caught with an eight-ball of cocaine instead of a highly decorated special operator.

Jason's Attorney - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

It wasn't clear what brought on this much-needed change of heart. Likely it was because Jason was facing a murder charge after word got out that the op led to a revenge killing of the man who tortured Ray.

The courtroom was the worst possible place for a man such as Jason. It was finesse and a careful choice of words, which aren't his strong suit.

With only two battle-tested members of the panel, little wonder that Jason was intense. His fate was going to be decided by "cake-eaters," his least favorite people.

Jason had good reason to be concerned. Like him, his teammates were also people who shot off their mouths first, then thought second. That's not ideal in a courtroom setting, where a skilled prosecutor such as Flores could twist their words and use them against Jason.

It was fortunate that Emma came down from college to keep Jason somewhat on an even keel. Somewhat. Since Emma was there, he had to do his best to keep it together for her and follow Williams' instructions so he wouldn't look guiltier than he already did. 

Career in Jeopardy - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

It was inadvertently Davis's fault that Jason found himself facing murder charges since she revealed that Jason knew that the high-value target they were hunting was the same man who had tortured Ray.

Davis certainly redeemed herself when she discovered surveillance proving that man was an armed terrorist.

The judge (played by JAG veteran Steven Culp) was wrong to exclude that footage. Doesn't he know the first rule of criminal defense is to blame the victim?

It was a good thing Davis rallied to find an image that showed the gun Jason described tucked into the man's waistband.

Jason did an admirable job not flinching and reacting to everything that Flores attempted to pin on him.

Split Attention - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

Flores had a very simple message that he was preaching: Jason killed the guard because he could have ruined Jason's plan to gain revenge against Ray's torturer.

The biggest evidence against Jason was the missing gun, even though it was obvious that an unattended gun would disappear in a war zone.

Despite his worries to the contrary, Jason's co-workers and teammates came through for him, including Lindell, despite their many clashes. Unfortunately, most of them had to offer testimonials instead of any game-changing evidence that could clear him.

Then Ray came through for Jason in the end, destroying Flores' case for premeditated murder by declaring that he was the one who killed the torturer.

On the Stand - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

What possessed Clay to continue to violate the no-contact order in an attempt to get inside Ray's head? Remember when Clay used to be the smart one? Now he's content just to be back on Bravo and out of the doghouse and makes no waves.

Jason even managed to help himself, getting the panel to see him as a person who has sacrificed everything for his country without losing his cool despite Flores's badgering.

Still, it took a spirited, dare I say, JAG-style closing by Williams to seal the deal for Jason. That should have been a high point for Bravo. But there was just too much turmoil going on in their personal lives for that to happen.

Clay and Stella still feel like a trainwreck about to occur.

Uphill Battle - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

She took him up on his offer to move in and took over his apartment. 

Stella has been very understanding and not at all needy when Clay keeps taking off to deal with Bravo issues. But how long can that last?

His taking down the Bravo team flag from over their bed was a much-needed gesture.

Then there was the star-crossed lovers, Sonny and Davis. Although I seriously question her wisdom, you have to feel sorry for them.

Split Attention - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

Davis came up with a great plan to transfer to Echo so they can bring their relationship out of the shadows.

Then Sonny complicated things by getting Hannah pregnant one drunken night, after which Davis pressured him to do the right thing.

Finally, Davis doesn't even get considered for the Echo job because of all the noise around Bravo, thanks to Jason's court-martial.

No wonder they're ready to give up.

Even Ray and Naima are tiffing after she eavesdropped at Jason's party and discovered much Ray has been keeping from her about the Tunisian mission (for her own good, of course, something any woman wants to hear).

Testimony Unknown - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 11

And now CBS is going to give you a week off to ponder all that you've learned.

To follow Jason's travails, watch SEAL Team online.

Who wanted Jason on trial and why?

Did you have any doubts about Ray?

Are Sonny and Davis done ... again?

Limits of Loyalty Review

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