Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Chef Boyardee

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All hail the Queen.

With the funny money no longer a viable option with all the eyes it drew in, Rio comes up with an alternative. And it means the ladies are still under his thumb, and there’s not a whole lot they can do about it.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9 continued the series-long theme, which found the ladies blackmailing, deceiving, and doing what they had to do to survive.

Bags For Sale - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

We’re at an exciting juncture in the season where it’s not clear where things will end up.

The goal all along has been for the ladies to get the hell out of dodge and start over somewhere new. But with the Secret Service operation officially over, that means it’s going to be up to them to get where they need to go.

And while they try to get there, they’re still going to have to appease Rio because what choice do they have?

Even though Rio’s story was pretty light during this hour, it still managed to be one of the more intriguing aspects. Lucy’s murder came back in full force, and for as in control as Rio always seems to be, that Teflon demeanor falters a but under Nick’s gaze.

Hill Family Meeting - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

It’s clear these two are not on the same page at all, and they’re setting the stage for a Beth size chasm to rip them apart.

Nick: Yeah, thing is you weren't at that fight, right? Too busy putting a bullet in that girl's face.
Rio: Sometimes I work weekends, bro.
Nick: So, you were just gonna, what? Keep it to yourself?
Rio: Don't concern you, dude.
Nick: Oh, it does. When a cop ruins my breakfast over it.
Rio: I'll buy you some eggs. Come on.
Nick: Did you do it for her? Huh?
Rio: Don't worry about it.
Nick: Oh! Gangster Rio had to whip it out.
Rio: I got it covered.
Nick: Show the soccer mom how big it is?
Rio: She knows.

If Nick never even knew about Rio’s hand in Lucy’s murder, then you have to imagine there’s a lot of other things Rio is keeping from him. And Nick is not a man to be played with, as we’ve quickly learned.

Nick stands to lose a lot in the long run, and he can’t afford to have Rio off doing whatever he pleases when he pleases and not telling him about it. And if he starts to sense that part of Rio’s rogue carelessness is due to Beth Boland?

Well, Beth better watch her back.

Rio has always been a significant part of the Good Girls appeal, but bringing in his family has been the most exciting development of Good Girls Season 4. Imagine a scenario in which Rio has to chose between Beth and his brother/cousin.

A Little Dip - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

The answer should be obvious, but nothing is ever clear-cut regarding the maddening and complex relationship that is Brio.

Watching Beth navigate the brother/cousins will be a highlight of the rest of the season, especially while she and the ladies secretly try to get away.

Beth is an antiheroine through and through. There’s so much to like and admire about her. She’s got grit and strength, and she’s astute and calculating, which saves herself and the people she loves time and time again.

But Beth is also unapologetically interested in her self-interests first. It’s why she takes things into her own hands often, nary a thought about what the consequences of her actions could be.

She also is locked in on the idea of being right. She’s the smartest person in the room. And maybe she’ll let you think you are, but it’s all a ruse.

The fight between Beth and Stan, if you want to call it that, was a manifestation of three seasons worth of arguments against Beth. It’s like the audience came up through Stan’s mouth and got to tell Beth everything they’ve been saying for years now.

Beth was Mrs. Boland for so long that it’s the only identity she had. But then, seemingly overnight, she was more than just a mom in charge of the PTA fundraiser. She was a woman with value and with skill, and people needed her.

But Beth lost the plot a long time ago. She got in over her head, and she has never been able to get her head above water.

Hill Meeting - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

Stan was right and wrong in his Beth assessment because he failed to see that Ruby was more a willing participant than he realized.

Beth can be influential and hard to say not to, but she never put a gun to anyone’s head.

Ruby: I never did it for her.
Stan: Okay.
Ruby: I did it for me.

Ruby’s confession that the things she’s done were for herself is an important distinction to make in Beth's role as the leader of the group. Is she a master manipulator? Or is she a person who can lay the facts on the table and allow you to make your own choice?

It’s not wrong for Stan to feel any way about Beth, and it makes a lot of sense, but you have to judge the three women differently because they all had their reasons for robbing that grocery store. And pretty much everything since then has been a result of that one singular action.

Smiling Stan - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

There’s probably no way that Beth and Stan become close again if they ever were, but maybe they can reach an understanding because you can see the emotional toll it takes on Ruby to know that two of the people she loves most in the world don’t get along.

Every week, we find ourselves at the end of the review with time for analysis about Annie’s story, and I wish this were the time her story got worthwhile, but alas, it is not.

And it’s a shame because Annie and Ben’s relationship has always been such a beautiful part of the show. But it’s like they don’t know what to do with Annie beyond comic relief.

Getting her in therapy and taking the GED was a great step, but it all got twisted and derailed by introducing Dr. Cohen as a romantic interest and not just a therapist.

Now, they’ve gone from a short-lived Annie and Ben estrangement to them being fine, but now she has to find a way to keep him in school. And she’s doing it for all the right reasons because although the show tries to make us feel differently at times, Annie tries very hard, and she is a good mother to Ben.

So it’s not like it’s a terrible story at all, but now we’ve got Kevin (Who the show likes to bring back randomly to do what exactly?) back to help.

Annie uses him, and he’s hurt and tries to set up a boundary which Annie tramples all over when she needs something again. It’s easy to feel bad for Kevin, but we also don’t know Kevin.

It’s unfortunate that Annie continuously gets the short end of the stick with her stories outside of the main plot because there’s so much to work with. At least back when she was having an affair with Gregg, we could be invested in that because we’ve gotten to know Gregg somewhat.

So here’s hoping the petition to get Annie better storylines is heard one day.

Striking A Deal - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

Odds and Ends

  • Does anyone care about Dean signing a deal with the devil and now being stuck with dudes who don’t care about him and only want him to schlep skincare products? Didn’t think so.
  • There was A LOT of blackmailing during this hour, and while Beth ultimately got her money, she proved Stan’s point in the process.
  • Officer Potter is a good dad, but he should have either minded his business or gone about things the right way from the jump. Because all throwing his weight around got him was a fight with Mick and Chef Boyardee thrown all around his kitchen.
  • That boxing scene with Rio was tense and sexy and done very well. It’s been great seeing Rio outside of his element more this season.
Come On Up - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9

Alright, the time is yours now!

Do you think we’re headed toward a Rio and Nick showdown over Beth?

Is Stan’s disdain of Beth justified?

Will Dean sell all the skincare products?

Leave your comments down below, and make sure to watch Good Girls online via TV Fanatic anytime you wish!


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