Elite Short Stories Gives Carla & Samuel’s Relationship a Definite Conclusion, but Was It Worthwhile?

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Carla and Samuel were one of the most surprising couples on Elite.

They were sworn enemies on Elite Season 1 but somehow found their way to each other on Elite Season 2.

Their chemistry was unmatched by any of the other couples, and with the news that Ester Expósito was leaving the series, it seemed like they were doomed.

Carla and Samuel on Elite Short Stories

Elite Season 3 already confirmed they were doomed, but it left their future with a sense of ambiguity.

Enter Elite Short Stories is a new series that delves into what happened between Elite Seasons 3 and 4, and it has largely been a success.

We got around forty minutes in today's drop on Netflix, and it was all devoted to Samuel and Carla's relationship.

Carla at the Ball - Elite

With the pair coming from different sides of the tracks, it was inevitable their relationship would end in disaster.

Samuel spending money he didn't have to spend time with Carla before she left Madrid for good highlighted how much she meant to him.

But he acted so freaking irrational throughout these special episodes that the full and final demise of the relationship seemed certain.

Samuel managed to get through to Carla, who was adamant the relationship was over, but somehow he managed to get her to stay with him for over a week.

Samuel & Carla - Elite

Yes, there was back and forth between them, but the honeymoon period was over when Samuel went for a work trial at an upmarket restaurant.

Carla felt like she had enough money to support the two of them and that him working was worthless.

One thing we've learned about Samuel throughout the first three seasons is that he's not a freeloader.

He likes to feel like he's earned what belongs to him, and there's no issue with that, but the way he was dismissive of Carla after fighting for her was highly concerning.

Carla at the Airport

The way he spiraled out of control, sending voice note after voice note about how their relationship was destined to fail, was on a whole different level.

I immediately thought that we would hear Carla playing them from the bedroom, but even if she didn't get to hear them, she knew what they entailed.

Their relationship was unhealthy for both of them, and if they invested more time in it, they would have grown to resent one another.

Samuel maintained that he was ready for love, but he failed to take anything Carla said into consideration.

Saying One Last Goodbye on Elite

He wanted to tell her to visit her parents, but he acted over the top about it when she said anything to him.

You could tell Carla was happy with Samuel, but breaking up with him tore her apart. She knew the only way out was to leave for London and begin her new life.

After the way Elite Season 3 concluded, Short Stories managed to craft a more worthwhile conclusion for this couple, and it was about time.

Do I think they could reunite when they're much older? It's possible, but it really depends on where they land in the future.

Elite Short Stories Carla and Samuel Poster

Carla is destined for success, but Samuel is straddling a fine line at the moment. Yes, he returns to the school to repeat his final year, but who's to say he won't drift to the dark side?

There are so many variables here.

OK, Elite fanatics!

What did you think of the way the relationship resumed and ended?

Hit the comments below.

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