Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Murder, My Sweet

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We are barrelling through Why Women Kill Season 2, and it looks like Alma and Bertram could be left holding the whole ball of wax as the body count rises.

Their only hope to go free just walked out the front door on Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8, and I couldn't be happier for Dee.

Instead, Dee could be the key to turning Mrs. Yost's accidental fall into the crime of the century at the hands of her parents.

Alma Entertains the Garden Club - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

Gloating doesn't look good on Alma.

Did you hear that, Mrs. Yost? I'm in the Garden Club, the club that you said would never have me as a member. Have fun turning in your grave.


Instead of thanking God that nobody is onto her ridiculous activities, she thought that bragging to the woman who died listening to her secrets was a good idea. Instead, it made Alma look petty, a position she's in more often than not these days.

Originally, her greatest crime was burying Mrs. Yost in her yard to keep the fuzz off of Bertram's back. However, even that seemed far-fetched since there wasn't any reason to connect Bertram's murders with Mrs. Yost's accident.

Heck, if they'd played their cards right, they could have made Mrs. Yost look like the bad guy she really was. What on earth was she doing climbing up on their lattice in the first place? But once crime is introduced to your lives, nothing is ever the same.

Who Rained on Her Parade - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

Burying Mrs. Yost was like Alma's gateway drug. At first apoplectic at Bertram's unsavory activities, once she had a little crime under her belt, the possibilities seemed endless.

It was a quick fall from illegal burial to setting the stage for Mrs. Yost's disappearance to theft of her possessions to offing Carlo and planting evidence on Rita to wanting to take down every person who got in her way.

Now, Alma really has blood on her hands and of a person who didn't deserve it. That's not good.

On the plus side, Alma is poised to become an official member of the Garden Club. But the odds are against her induction with Rita in the clear and Dee armed with what she believes to be the key to Mrs. Yost's demise.

Isobel Takes a Call - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

Isabel didn't deserve to die, but she wasn't exactly earning brownie points for blackmailing the Philcotts using evidence that could have freed her cousin from jail.

Alma: Where did you get that?
Isabel: Rita got a guy to have a photo of Catherine having sex so she could blackmail her. Now I'll use it to blackmail you. Isn't life funny?

The whole time she was plotting against Rita and being angry at her treatment as a maid under Rita's roof, Rita was revisiting their time together and determining whether to toss her cousin under the bus as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The death Rita and Isabel were on the hook for that had been referenced earlier couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Harry: You ugly bitch.
Rita: Is he dead?
Isabel: He called me ugly. Who cares?

Rita was nursing what looked like a dislocated shoulder or something when she and Isabel tried to grab some of her boyfriend's things to leave him for good. Of course, getting caught in the act left him dead, but it sure wasn't an outright murder.

Bertram at the Desk - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

Still, it's an event that could weigh on your mind with concern that, one day, the past might catch up to you. Surely, that's what Rita was thinking about.

Isabel saved her, though, so that wasn't the way to repay the favor.

It seems that Isabel was always there to prop up her cousin. She knew that with looks, Rita was their meal ticket and the one who could get them out of their desperate situation. She was the catalyst to launch Rita's involvement with Carlo that got Rita out of prostitution.

Carlo wasn't a good man, so it's no surprise that he'd put stipulations on Isabel's presence in their lives. He expected her to work for her living, just as he expected Rita to do it. So Isabel had to be a maid, while Rita retained her status as a high-paid prostitute who had the good fortune to look like a lady.

Rita Looks Glam - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

When the rubber met the road, Isabel only remembered that as a slight from her beloved cousin. Even if she didn't use the photo outright to free Rita, she intended to keep it in case the trial didn't swing in Rita's favor.

Well, now she's dead, and with Bertram's confession by her side, the Carlo situation should be over.

But Rita has no idea that Isabel turned on her, so discovering that she took the fall for Carlo's death could show her that her cousin was looking out for her one last time (always and forever), or she might want Vern to investigate it to find out if she really did it. I'm betting on the former.

Vern does know, though, that someone was in the house when Carlo was murdered, and with the newfound determination Dee has to distance herself from her seemingly murderous family, it's doubtful that either one of them will let it go.

Rita Returns - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

And then there's Catherine and Scooter. Catherine knows everything now, and she even rose to Scooter's defense with the idea that Rita used him to help plan Carlo's murder.

How all of that plays out is anybody's guess. As we've seen Alma slide into the psychological abyss, it wouldn't be heartbreaking that she was left holding the bag. On the other hand, it's also unlikely it would be that simple.

Speaking of Scooter, we need to give props to Matthew Daddario. He's the perfect embodiment of a character from movies of the era. His inflection is spot on, and it makes Scooter so fun to watch.

Next to the old-time city streets on set and the incredible costumes, he's the best indication of disappearing back in time.

Leisurely Scooter Taken by Surprise - Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8

This season has been such a treat so far that I have no doubt that the ending will bring it all home with excellent storytelling and cracking Why Women Kill quotes along the way.

What do you think is on the horizon for everyone? Will Alma ever officially get inducted into the Garden Club?

I'd love to hear from you, so please drop down below to chat about Why Women Kill!

Murder, My Sweet Review

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Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Don't worry. You'll be packing your bags before you know it.


Did you hear that, Mrs. Yost? I'm in the Garden Club, the club that you said would never have me as a member. Have fun turning in your grave.