Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Bittersweet Symphony

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Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.

I was fooled! Bamboozled! Lead astray!

I did not see the Max is Jones reveal at first, but as Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6 played out, it became increasingly clear that something was very, very wrong with Max. But is it too late to do anything about it?

On Duty - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

Many people seemed to sense something was off toward the end of Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 5, but Max's mannerisms were subtle enough that it wasn't crystal clear something was up.

But from the jump here, it was apparent that Max was…different.

His interactions with Liz were stilted and perfunctory. And yes, their relationship is strained currently, but Max was distant in a way you rarely ever see. It's a testament to Nathan Dean and his portrayal of both Max and Jones that you can notice how different the two men are.

Jones stands a little less rigid, and every time he looked away when Liz pressed him on anything made it clear he was doing more than just avoiding her. And he was decidedly less hopelessly in love with Liz Ortecho.

To be fair, though, Jones was convincing enough that it took a scavenger hunt through Maria's psyche and Liz's discovery of a handprint to even tip anyone off to the fact that something was up.

Back Again - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

Jones was on a mission all day to track down the lightsaber sword thing that Max buried way back during Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 1. Two men made off with it, though it's not entirely clear why exactly, outside of the fact that it's a shiny-looking weapon that could probably sell for a hot penny on the black market.

So, Jones does his due diligence all day as Deputy Evans, investigating crime scenes and sending people off on assignments. But his fatal flaw comes in the form of the women, who sus out what's going on, though it may be too little too late.

With Maria unconscious, her mind is a tangled web of chaos, and she pushes Isobel out at almost every turn. But Maria is nothing if not intelligent and deliberate. And she hides something significant away in her mind for someone with a lot of patience to eventually piece it all together.

The relationship between Maria and Isobel has unfolded slowly throughout the series, and it's been nice to see it continue to blossom into a real friendship. Isobel was right at her bedside, doing everything she could to break through to Maria, but she could not get there.

That is until Rosa developed some timely new abilities that did the trick.

Rosa's storyline has not been the greatest thus far. And it's not entirely clear what the plan is for her this season beyond exploring herself and who she is, which is a worthy story to tell. But unfortunately, the early episodes this season had Rosa centered around Wyatt, and it just didn't work for a myriad of reasons.

But now, Rosa seems to have inherited a heightened sense of hearing, to the point she can hear a pin drop and a conversation many feet away. It's a crazy thing to have come on suddenly, and naturally, Rosa is at a loss as to how to handle it.

Rosa's abilities were explored somewhat in Roswell, New Mexico Season 2, but then put on the backburner. This new power, so to speak, would seemingly be out of the pod squad's wheelhouse, as none of them have supersonic hearing.

But hopefully, they will be able to help Rosa navigate because she will need the help and support. The ability to hear a conversation that could help someone may sound good in theory, but it's an overwhelming and potentially debilitating power if you can't figure out how to control it.

Rosa: I don't know, I guess I just thought that when I got, got sober life would get easier. I guess it just never will.
Isobel: Yeah. Life never gets easier. We just get stronger. But it doesn't matter how strong you get if you don't stop and give yourself some credit.

Isobel was able to help guide Rosa through Maria's mind, and Isobel is always at her best in those one-on-one situations where she's letting her walls down and helping someone. She knows better than most what it's like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Concerned Isobel - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

The repeated mentions of Noah are starting to give me pause. Anyone else?

He's a big piece of the overall story of Roswell, New Mexico, but it felt like we went so long without hearing his name. And now it's like we can't not hear it.

Noah was the alien's first real connection to the home planet in Roswell, New Mexico Season 1. Their first perception of home will always be tied to a murderous, mind-controlling sociopath.

And now, with Jones, they're meeting another nefarious being. And you have to wonder if all these Noah mentions are setting the audience up for some of the information Noah mentioned before his death to come full circle.

Alighting anyone? Could this be the time the winners of the Oasis war are finally going to come to Earth for Max?

Taking Care - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

With Jones now on the loose, you have to assume the focus will soon shift to exposing him and finding a way to bring Max back. But is Max the one in the pod now? How does this all work?

Sidenote, real quick. Roswell is a good time. A really good time, especially when they are firing on all cylinders, but for every question that gets answered, at least ten pop up in its place. And sometimes, it's not even worth overworking your brain. Just enjoy the ride and the entertainment!

With Jones showing his true colors, it's evident he's a man of convenience. If it's convenient to placate, then he will placate. If it's convenient to manipulate, he will manipulate. And if it's convenient to kill, he will kill.

Now we have to see what his next move will be and what he's after. Odds are it's nothing good.

While all this was going on, Alex was over at Deep Sky, fiddling with the Lockhart machine and getting extra sketchy vides from the boss man.

At Her Bedside - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

Even though Alex has been isolated, it was nice to see him break free from the cavern to share some time with both Michael and Liz and help them search for Kyle. His scene with Liz was especially lovely, as the two got to talk about their friend, whom they both care for deeply.

However, Alex's time spent with Michael was a lot less peachy.

Listen, when we asked for more Michael and Alex scenes (or maybe that was just me?), we didn't ask for the world's angstiest conversation in the middle of nowhere.

Michael, his genius self, was putting everything together about Kyle, the radio, and the bats, and calling Alex was a natural step because, of course, Alex would want to help his friends. But Alex isn't telling anyone about Deep Sky for a reason.

He has no idea how much they know about anything right now, and it does no one any good to blur those lines yet when there's still so much to figure out.

It's not as if Alex doesn't want to help Michael, but he can't risk the two worlds intersecting yet. He won't ever risk Michael.

Now Michael doesn't know that currently, and their exchange is that perfect amount of tension (both emotional and otherwise) that Michael Vlamis and Tyler Blackburn do so well.

Alex: I'm not doing this with you.
Michael: What are we doing, Alex? Cuz it sure ain't investigating a crime scene.
Alex: I'm a cyber-intelligence specialist. I am not a magician.
Michael: Well, I just want you to be a guy who gives a damn. When I thought it was me who was killed in Maria's vision, you said would burn the world down to find out who hurt me. Don't Kyle and Maria at least deserve a few flames?
Alex: I didn't say I wasn't gonna do anything. I just don't want you anywhere near whatever it is I decide to do.

When Michael wonders what it is they're doing, it feels like such an open-ended question. Sure, they are in the midst of a predicament, but it also feels like it applies to their relationship as a whole.

Because quite frankly, what are they doing? This should be the time for them to figure things out, but there's still that wall between them. They're still dancing around each other and their feelings.

One of them is going to have to knock it down one of these days, and soon.

Friends Meeting Up - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

The shadiness of Eduardo was on full display throughout the hour, from the mysterious bandage to the random angry outbursts. Alex put everything together quickly, and when the big reveal came, it was genuinely surprising.

Eduardo being related to Kyle is a curveball, as is the reveal that he has suspected ties to terrorism.

If you thought Eduardo was a good guy, that was probably naïve because, at the very least, the leader of a group like Deep Sky probably has a skeleton or two in his closet. But for all his lofty words and ability to deliver fancy words when given the platform, all that wisdom flew out the door when Alex confronted him.

He came out guns blazing. And now Alex is yet again staring down the barrel of a gun.

So, just to keep score here. The hour ends with Jones on the loose with a lightsaber sword that does god knows what. Alex is being held at gunpoint by Kyle's maybe uncle. Maria is still in a coma after being mind-whammied by Jones. And Kyle is still missing.

Trading Information - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

And here's what you missed on Roswell!

Loose Ends

  • Lucky! Jones having a dutiful buddy is way too adorable, though it's a shame he had to witness that carnage at the episode's end.
  • Shout out to Sanders for appropriately pointing out the obviousness of Michael and Alex being a thing. Deny it all you want, Michael, but even Sanders can see what's really going on.
  • Thank heavens Liz is back in Roswell. Her general presence in the town on a consistent basis was missed.
Digging Around - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6
  • Um, what happened to the sheriff? One second she was confronting Max/Jones, and then we never saw her again.
  • Suicidal bats and secret radios that cause explosions all over town. What a fiery season this is turning out to be.
  • Michael is outside Deep Sky, isn't he?
  • If someone wants to dive into the comments and map out exactly what happened the night of the break-in in chronological order, let's just say I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Lives are hanging in the balance (yet again), and there's an alien with seemingly unlimited power on the loose! What else could they possibly throw at us this season?

Did you catch the Jones is Max switcheroo earlier than I did?

Liz Helps - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6

How will they get Max back?

Do you think there's more to the Eduardo story?

Drop all your thoughts on the installment and what you hope to see moving forward down below so we can talk! You guys have some fantastic theories, so please keep them coming!

And remember, you can watch Roswell, New Mexico online via TV Fanatic anytime your heart desires. 

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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

In Maria's vision she was healthy. Now she's in a coma, so I guess we know she can change the future. The question is how much.


Ramos: Do you believe in aliens?
Alex: I, uh, believe in statistics. I think it's improbable we're alone in the universe.
Ramos: What if I told you, the question isn't whether or not they exist, it's how do we start a conversation?
Alex: Well then I would say good luck. Cuz knowing us, if they decided to show themselves, we would probably just kill them.