Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Where The Shadows Lie Waiting...

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So many stories and cases were wrapped up in the penultimate episode of the series that I'm unsure what they'll cover in the series finale.

I'm relieved they wrapped up the Oro North mining storyline in Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7 since I found it the weakest storyline of the season.

They kept repeating things and having Joanna look incompetent, which only made her doubt herself more.

Worried Joanna-Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

Once again, Billy and Joanna were on opposite sides as they argued about the mining case versus her defense.

Joanna: Billy, this could be my last day as lawyer.
Billy: If we don’t focus on your hearing, it almost most certainly will be.

Billy wanted Joanna to fight for herself and their family. Joanna wanted to save Millwood to prove she was worth fighting for. What a mess. They see the world so differently. Joanna is such a perfectionist that she always has to win.

It wasn't easy, but the two of them had to prove to the mayor that the mine had no gold in it, which meant using the best lawyer tactics they had. I loved when Joanna appealed to Elise, using what she'd learned from signing an opinion letter too quickly.

Elise has an ethical duty to upload. I know how weight one of these letters can carry, and I’m pretty sure Elise does too.


Joanna realized she only repeated her dad's cutthroat mistakes and should never have mentored Elise. She told Elise what she'd been longing to hear -- Elise was a better lawyer. It only took this long, trying case for Joanna to realize her faults.

Elise Hesitates-Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

Joanna was so busy handling the crisis in her life that she didn't see how badly Luna's life was falling apart until it was too late.

I think Luna has evolved the most over the series. She's taken what she's learned from her life and applied it to helping other survivors and clients without much money. I can understand why both she and Taylor became so invested in helping Dee.

They're relieved it wasn't them when it could've been. Therefore, both of them were determined to prove a connection between the trafficked women and the mine.

Stevie started to get impatient since all they did was search.

Luna and Stevie Hard at Word-Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

Luna: We can’t just sit around here doing nothing.
Stevie: The place has been under full lockdown since the cops showed up.
Luna: That wouldn’t stop Joanna.
Stevie: Well, Joanna isn’t here, remember? Just me.

Luna poured herself into this case. I think she and Taylor should have teamed up the entire time since Taylor also shared that grit, determination, and passion.

After Taylor shared the security guard's name that let the vans into Oro North, Luna and Stevie took Dee up to confront him.

Luna was fierce, reminding him that his missing daughter was only a few years younger than Dee. She broke him and got him to admit the truth.

He didn't work for Oro North, so Luna deemed him useless.

Luna Confronts-Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

Luna was determined to get Dee justice, especially since Dee looked crushed that the mine would walk. She tried everything from reckless indifference to corporate negligence.

It didn't matter because poor Luna lost everything she worked so hard for.

Today, I saw this beautiful, smart amazing lawyer pull out something incredible, but I also what our future would look like and it reminded me of our parents.


It was one of the first times we saw Luna literally fall apart. She was sobbing and feeling like she failed Dee and the rest of the victims.

She is more like her older sister than she realizes, always trying to be a perfectionist.

Joanna Comforts Luna-Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

Luna: I failed her. I failed all of those women.
Joanna: Honey, you did not. You didn’t fail them.


Taylor did her best as well to put this case this rest. She got a tip from Dee where Wes might be hiding and followed him.

I nearly jumped when Taylor saw a trapped girl in the window of that house.

“Help, please!

Trapped woman

I loved those fight scenes between Taylor and Wes. She showed no fear when he tried to attack her with a knife.

She was a badass! She showed him who was in charge and arrested him.

Taylor Arrests Wes - Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

I have totally felt for Kip during Season 4 of Burden of Truth. The teen has to feel unwanted since his uncle only wanted him to commit petty crimes.

He's now living a safer life with Owen and Diane, and his uncle files a complaint against Owen, accusing him of kidnapping Kip. When Owen confronted him, he acted like he did not even care about Kip. He just didn't want Owen to have him.

Terry: You want Kip
Owen: And you don’t.
Terry: Doesn’t matter what I want. The court says he’s rightfully mine.

Poor Kip. He's being passed around like a basketball. Unwanted teenagers often commit crimes unless they find a guiding influence like Owen has been for Kip.

Kip worried that would end when Diane returned, and he felt he was ruining their marriage. He felt displaced like he didn't fit in anywhere. That needs to change soon before something happens to him or he commits another crime, and Owen can't help.

Adoption Papers-Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7

Somehow, Owen convinced Terry to give him custody of Kip, and Owen and Diane filed adoption papers. Kip didn't look impressed.

Why would I want that?


We don't know why Kip doesn't want to be adopted. Is it because he thinks he's old enough to be on his own by now and resents authority? Hopefully, we'll learn more in the series finale.

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Will Joanna still practice law after she resigned at the hearing.? Will Joanna and Billy and Luna, and Stevie's relationships survive? Will Owen and Diane get custody of Kip? These questions and more will be answered in the series finale.

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Where The Shadows Lie Waiting... Review

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Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

I’ll never be safe. I can’t do this.


Joanna: Billy, this could be my last day as lawyer.
Billy: If we don’t focus on your hearing, it almost most certainly will be.