Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 9-27-21: The Devil Wreaks Havoc!

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The devil is ready to wreak more havoc!

Upon learning that Doug was awake, she headed to his hospital room to issue a warning, and according to the spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-27-21, she is going to try to smother him with a pillow!

Meanwhile, the possession continues to be the talk of the town, even though everyone else is going about their normal lives.

Spoilers for the Week of 9-27-21 - Days of Our Lives

The devil looks even creepier, with red eyes instead of yellow, but the rest of this story continues to be silly.

Will anyone believe poor Doug, who is supposed to continue to struggle to communicate about what's happened to him?

After all, most of his family thinks he has some sort of dementia.

And elsewhere, newer Salemites continue to be shocked that Marlena was ever possessed by the devil in the first place. What's going to happen when they find out it's happened again?

There's still lots going on for those who don't enjoy supernatural stories, too.

Johnny is continuing to look for backers for his movie. Will it be harder now that he's decided to turn his grandmother's plight into the new version of The Exorcist?

He also finds time for romancing Chanel with his guitar, something that will undoubtedly bring up memories of JJ and Paige as well as of Philip and Chloe -- and elsewhere in Salem, Philip is teaming up with Ava to take Gabi and Jake down!

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Allie Shares The Shocking Truth - Days of Our Lives

Allie informs Tripp of her family's shocking past.

This really shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

There are way worse things than Allie's grandmother having been possessed by the devil years before Allie was born.

Hopefully, all of these shocked reactions are going to lead to someone figuring out what's going on in the present.

Doug Struggles to Communicate - Days of Our Lives

Doug struggles to communicate with Eli.

With Doug being the only one aware of the devil being back, this is not good.

It seems the story is going in the direction of no one believing the old man that they think has dementia.

Instead of a bona fide dementia story, we get ageism and a yellow-eyed doppelganger story.  Ugh.

Another Romantic Gesture - Days of Our Lives

Philip surprises Chloe with another romantic gesture.

Aww, Philip is really trying now!

I hope that Philip/Chloe is end-game here and that Days of Our Lives is not just playing with viewers' hearts again.

Of course, this couple needs more than gestures to really work, but this is a great start.

EJ Realizes Nicole's Feelings - Days of Our Lives

EJ realizes Nicole has feelings for Rafe.

Of course, he does.

EJ's whole purpose in life seems to be to mess with other people, so naturally, his reaction to this realization is to ask Nicole out on a date.

If Nicole had any sense, she'd refuse, but she's written as Salem's punching bag, so she will likely fall back into a relationship with the man who abused her so badly that she hid her pregnancy from him.

Abigail Tells Jack Her Suspicions - Days of Our Lives

Abigail tells Jack Gwen's story doesn't add up

Well, that truce was short-lived.

Jack is being extremely oblivious, especially for Salem's top investigative reporter, so it's good that someone is noticing discrepancies.

But how long before Abby and Gwen have another catfight?

Ava and Philip Team Up - Days of Our Lives

Ava and Philip conspire to bring down Gabi and Jake.

This is the spoiler I'm most excited about!

Gabi needs to be taken down a peg and has pushed the wrong woman too far.

Of course, Rafe probably won't like this, so will his relationship with Ava implode over it?

A Disturbing Dream - Days of Our Lives

Marlena has a disturbing dream.


THIS is the way we're going to advance this ridiculous devil possession story?

How about John getting a clue instead? He's already paranoid about the possibility of the devil returning, so why hasn't he figured this out yet?

EJ's Latest Tense Encounter - Days of Our Lives

EJ and Lucas have a tense encounter.

Of course, they do. EJ can't accept that Lucas is the love of Sami's life, not him.

Sami has never been anything but a possession to EJ, and lately, Lucas hasn't been shy about telling him so.

Hopefully, they won't come to fisticuffs, though. That stupid brawl between EJ and Xander was bad enough.

Johnny Woos Chanel - Days of Our Lives

Johnny attempts to woo Chanel.

I wish JJ was in town to give him pointers and maybe some guitar lessons, but I'm still all in for this.

Johnny and Chanel are a great young couple, and I'd rather Johnny be romantic than try to force Chanel to watch any more scary movies.

Hopefully, these scenes will be as sweet as I expect them to be.

A Dire Warning - Days of Our Lives

John receives a dire warning.

From whom?

This likely has to do with the devil possession, but will the evil spirit warn him itself?

Or will someone else put two and two together and let him know something isn't right with Marlena?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! What are you most looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-27-21?

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