Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 10-11-21: Diabolical Plans and Powerful Forces

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Jealousy. Rage. The desire to control.

These powerful emotions take control of Salemites during the best of times, but could the devil's presence amplify everyone's baser impulses?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 10-11-21 certainly suggest so, with Rafe and EJ having a heated confrontation and Philip losing it again while the devil pushes Marlena to cause a ton of trouble.

Spoilers for the Week of 10-11-21 - Days of Our Lives

According to clips in the spoiler video, the devil plans to insert itself into Ben and Ciara's baby storyline.

I can't blame the devil. After all, Ben telling Marlena all about his fight to conquer his demons and his fear that his child could turn out to be pure evil is like putting a pile of a new dieter's favorite sweets right under their nose!

And Ben and Ciara's first attempt at babymaking results in high winds and other signs of a demonic presence, so it looks like the devil will get its way.

Meanwhile, everyone struggling with more Earthly problems also is acting possessed.

Rafe can't help being jealous of EJ, and since EJ is the closest thing to a human version of the devil, EJ will poke and prod in the hopes of causing an explosion. It seems his plan will work, too, as he and Rafe have a heated encounter which more than likely will result in another brawl.

And they're not the only ones, either, as Philip's jealousy gets the best of him again.

Brady knows how to push every one of Philip's buttons, and Philip gets violent every time they're pushed. In the figurative sense, Philip is more and more possessed by demons too. That can't end well for him and Chloe.

There's plenty of other crazy behavior in Salem, too. Scroll down to check out all the Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 10-11-21.

Allie Is Not Impressed - Days of Our Lives

Allie is not impressed with Johnny's attempt to woo Chanel.

I'm sorry, but why does Johnny need to impress Allie?

She's his sister, not his girlfriend. That title belongs to Chanel, so she's the only one who needs to be impressed.

Allie is acting the same way Brady does every time he sees Chloe, but so far, Chanel hasn't been nearly as strong about shutting it down. That needs to change if Chanel and Johnny are ever going to succeed as a couple.

Ben Makes a Decision - Days of Our Lives

Ben makes a decision about having a baby.

Ben had already decided against it, but the devil has other plans.

Ben will leave his session with "Marlena," ready to take this big step despite how many solid reasons for putting off fatherhood.

And when their baby turns out to be the spawn of Satan, then what?

EJ Has a Proposal - Days of Our Lives

EJ has a proposal for Johnny.

EJ appears to have taken Nicole's words to heart. Maybe.

He can't suppress his desire to control Johnny for long. It's just not in his nature.

Besides, even if he tries to be nicer, Johnny will be suspicious and will almost certainly rebuff EJ's first attempts. Will EJ try again when that happens or go back to his bad behavior?

Kayla is There for Julie - Days of Our Lives

Kayla is there for Julie.

Julie has been having a tough time ever since agreeing to commit Doug to Bayview.

While I dislike this entire story and think this is out of character for Julie, it will lead to some emotional scenes for her.

Maggie and Ciara have already visited, but Kayla's visit might be even more upsetting as she might have news about Doug's prognosis.

Marlena is Horrified - Days of Our Lives

Marlena is horrified to learn of the Devil's diabolical plans.

Of course, she is.

But since Marlena has the power to resist the devil, at least partially, why does she have to go along with its plans?

This is looking more and more like another faux DID story where one of the alters is a supernatural being. Ugh.

Ciara Reassures Ben - Days of Our Lives

Ciara assures Ben they made the right decision.

After talking with Julie, Ciara will catch up with Ben, where she will undoubtedly be thrilled with his decision.

Of course, she doesn't know that the devil influenced this whole thing.

And Ben will likely already be having second thoughts once he's out of its presence, leaving Ciara to convince him all over again.

Celebrating Abe and Paulina's Engagement - Days of Our Lives

Eli and Lani help Paulina and Abe celebrate their engagement.

I have mixed feelings about this.

Family scenes SHOULD be the backbone of Days of Our Lives, and the Price/Grant/Carver family always offers good ones.

But at the same time, there's this secret hanging over Paulina's head that is probably going to come out at the wedding and ruin everything, so what's the point?

EJ vs Rafe - Days of Our Lives

EJ and Rafe have a heated confrontation.

EJ already got into a brawl with Xander, so that's likely where this is heading too.

Both these guys are hotheads, too. Rafe won't back down or walk away -- he'll give as good as he gets.

This isn't the behavior I'd want in my police commissioner, but this is Salem, so it's par for the course.

Philip Loses It - Days of Our Lives

Philip loses it when he walks in on Brady holding Chloe again.

This cycle needs to end.

Philip keeps blowing up and losing it with Brady and Chloe, then admitting Chloe deserves better and swearing it'll never happen again.

This is abusive. Chloe should run away from both these guys as fast as she can.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! What are you looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-11-21?

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