Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Review: Six Hours

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Dealing with the loss of a child is not easy, but dealing with that loss during a zombie and nuclear apocalypse is a harrowing ordeal.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 was a big deep-dive into Grace as she navigates this new world while holding on to the guilt about what happened to Athena.

Karen David solidifies herself as the best actress in The Walking Dead universe, with a multi-faceted performance as this woman trying to come to terms with her past.

Nuclear Fallout Tall - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

Grace genuinely didn't want to be in the world any longer, and she was hoping that something would happen to render her dead or out of commission to allow her pain and suffering to be over.

It was hard not to hold it together as a viewer when I learned she didn't want to connect with Baby Mo because she thought it would be like replacing Athena.

These characters are going through it with the nuclear apocalypse. Still, Grace's journey feels rawer because she lost Athena just ahead of the blast that changed the show's landscape and kickstarted a second apocalypse.

Tension in the Bunker - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

While everyone else is struggling to navigate this new phase of the end of the world, Grace is in the know about it because she's a nuclear expert.

The truth is, she's more crucial in this new phase of the universe than any of the other characters. Grace knew how long everyone could spend outside, but the grief was taking over her.

You can't have a nuclear blast without someone who knows the ins and outs of how to survive, and the events of "Six Hours" shaped Grace for the rest of her time in the universe.

We knew Grace was at peace with dying, and telling Morgan and Mo to leave her in this new location was harrowing to watch. She was defeated and felt like the world would be better off without her.

Walking Around - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

I figured something would happen with Baby Mo to change her view on life, but damn, I did not expect the events to be that traumatizing.

There were red flags with B and Fred from the beginning. Why would they try to steal a baby from two people and call it their own? The apocalypse has been taxing on the mental health of the survivors, for sure, and the nuclear blast has tipped people over the edge.

What is a world without hope?

Morgan and Grace, each having hero moments in this tale, was excellent, but Morgan bugged the life out of me when he declared he'd already lost one child.

The Escape - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

Yes, we get it, he lost his son, but that was the most insensitive thing he could say at that moment. Morgan would be taking the role of a father in Athena's life if she was still alive, so I don't quite understand how he worded his response.

The reaction from Grace was heartbreaking because it probably made her feel even more alone that someone who she looked to as the source of the remaining light in her life saying something as horrid as that.

Morgan was understandably frustrated with Grace because of their situation, but he shocked me because it didn't seem like he wanted to sympathize with her.

Maybe it's the case that he didn't want to fall into a period of grief because he knew he had Mo to look after, and one wrong move could result in the baby's death.

Survival Instincts - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

Still, this was a very tight plot to make both Morgan and Grace realize Mo needs two parents, and they have been tasked with raising this little one in this ever-changing world.

Even though Morgan's comment frustrated me, at least he recognized that Grace and Mo would be better off at the tower, even if Strand is blossoming into this big villain.

Strand's henchmen are pretty much turning into cult leaders at this stage, so it was surprising they weren't forceful about taking Grace and the baby.

Strand's tower is built on deceit, so why not just take people against their will if it serves his cause?

Finding Food - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

Then again, maybe Strand himself will pop up at the submarine to cause some drama. Victor Strand loves to stir the pot, and he does it so well.

The "Padre" of it all took me by surprise, but it was nestled into the episode flawlessly. B and Fred were horrible, but at least they moved the plot along as we learned more about the location where Alicia was traveling.

This universe has featured some genuinely terrible groups. Usually, when there's a lot of people talking about the groups as though it's the best thing since sliced bread, well, they turn out to be horrible individuals.

Padre seems to be a group here to stay, and maybe this whole season will build towards everyone making their way there and possibly reuniting with Alicia.

Traversing the Fallout - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

Revealing Emile's brother as the person pursuing Grace and Morgan left my jaw firmly on the floor.

If he finds where they're hiding out, there's a good chance one of them will be killed. Emile was sent on a mission on Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 to kill Morgan, and Morgan got the upper hand.

It happens, but knowing someone is coming after you for it will be enough to tip Morgan over the edge.

"Six Hours" was a well-written, acted, and executed installment. The show has upped its game in a big way in terms of quality and production values.

Escaping the Sub - Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

What did you think of Grace battling her grief?

Do you think Alicia will be at Padre?

Were you surprised about Emile's brother?

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Morgan: I already lost one. I'm not losing another.
Grace: I lost a child too.

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