All American Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Bird in the Hand

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Didn't things fall apart in a hurry for Spencer?

His doubts about Toledo State multiplied throughout All American Season 4 Episode 4.

Those started on All American Season 4 Episode 3 when he learned that Coach Dante, who had convinced him to come to Toledo, had left for another position. Spencer wasn't informed about that until after he signed his letter of intent.

Summer Internship -- Tall - All American Season 4 Episode 4

Dante managed to sell Spencer on leaving behind sunny SoCal to play in the Rust Belt for, granted, a top football program.

Yet, Hudson couldn't even wow Spencer with the concept of having the offense built around him. Maybe it was because Spencer was told that he should feel grateful for such an opportunity.

Uneasy Spencer - All American Season 4 Episode 4

Because, let's face it, unless it was Alabama, Spencer isn't going to get redshirted wherever he ends up. He's that good.

He proved that at the Platinum All-American game, where he and his old buddy Cam dominated. 

Likely, Spencer jumped too soon. With his spotty medical history, he was destined to end up in junior college with Jordan. So he grabbed the first thing that came along.

And now he's got buyer remorse in a big way. 

Solution Found - All American Season 4 Episode 4

The adults in his life, Grace and Billy, attempted to get him to take a measured approach toward Toledo State. Grace wanted him to hear out Hudson, while Billy said he made his selection based on the school, not the coach who recruited him.

They had valid points. But Hudson came off like a recruiting violation waiting to happen, which made him a hard person in which to invest.

There was his whole courtship of Billy. Sure, Billy was undoubtedly qualified to be an assistant coach on a top-flight program's staff with his background.

But he was right to feel that Hudson's offer had strings attached. Billy's presence would be another reason for Spencer to come to Toledo, and he didn't want to be used like that.

New Opportunity - All American Season 4 Episode 4

Also, it's easier to fire a few coaches than dozens of players if a season goes south. In other words, there would be zero job security.

If Billy wants to coach in the college ranks, there are many top-notch programs in California so that he could stay based in Beverly. Laura had already had to follow Billy around during his short NFL career, and she shouldn't have to do that again now.

Some people are recruiters (Dante) who can sell a program to a high-school player. Others aren't. Hudson offered Spencer the keys to the kingdom and left him feeling still wanting.

But Hudson was within his rights to enforce Spencer's letter of intent. He signed his star and stopped chasing other potential recruits, who went elsewhere as a result. Spencer's decision put him in a real bind.

Worried Mom - All American Season 4 Episode 4

Will Spencer have to sit out a year or be forced to play against his will at Toledo? Unlikely. The balance of power is tipping toward athletes in big-time college sports. Plus, it's Spencer's show. Duh.

While Spencer's star was falling, Jordan's star was rising, at least in his mind.

Jordan had accepted that he was going to have to take a nontraditional path to football stardom. Still, in his mind, he felt that more people should be aware of the quarterback of the California state champion football team.

It's not easy being Jordan. He's the son of a former NFL player and the former L.A. District Attorney. He's the brother from another mother to Spencer. His girlfriend is already a collegiate scholarship athlete. He's even the lesser of his set of twins to the social-conscious Olivia.

Jordan's Sounding Board - All American Season 4 Episode 4

Maybe that's why he lives in this fantasy world where he's D-1 material.

But he proved he belonged at the all-star game. He commanded attention and made the most of his limited opportunity. Now he's ready to show what he can do against a juco backdrop.

Things could be worse for Jordan. He could be Asher, who has transitioned into being a damn good philosopher. 

First, he helped Jordan to see that at least he still can play football. Then he got Coop to understand that there's nothing wrong with being a talented songwriter.

Coop's Unhappy - All American Season 4 Episode 4

Although I'm still a little fuzzy: With all the raspy-voiced rappers out there, why can't Coop rap anymore? Is it just a matter of building up her lung power?

Anyway, at least thanks to Asher and Patience, Coop understood that Layla was doing what she had to do to finish the album and keep her studio afloat.

Layla may still be playing the long game to get Coop to try music again after some time off. But she's got to come up with some product from her studio; hence we get Coop Light.

Hey, maybe Coop could do some writing for Patience so that Patience could get her career moving again.

Coop's Target - All American Season 4 Episode 4

The only one whose future seemed headed in the right direction was Olivia.

Who knew that what she wanted to do was write? Going from being a podcaster with buzz to an online writer seems like a step backward, but if that's what she wants ...

It was hilarious that she thought the brooding pair of Simone and Spencer would give her the poppy interview that she needed.

She knew enough to work with the material she had to showcase her talents, which worked out well for her in the end.

Waiting on Coop - All American Season 4 Episode 4

To revisit the recruitment of Spencer, watch All American online.

Did Spencer jump too soon?

How does he get out of this mess?

Will Jordan still catch some program's eye?

Comment below.

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