La Brea Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Origins

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What a cliffhanger!  La Brea knows to hook you in continually.

Both Gavin's origins and the fort people's origins were explored on La Brea Season 1 Episode 8.

Somehow, they were interconnected. I had my suspicions, but that ending was shocking.

Captured Again - La Brea

Something was up as soon as Eve and  Levi found Isiah injured in the woods near the clearing. Isiah seemed to gravitate towards Eve, and she trusted him.

Even when Sam questioned if he was a spy, Eve and Ty insisted he was an innocent kid. They thought they should use it to their advantage and take him home and hope Paara and the other fort people would help them.

Isiah's grandpa was upset that he snuck out to the clearing again. It also seemed like he suspected the boy was connected to them, and he wanted to prolong the secret getting revealed.

While many men were ready to attack Levi, Eve, and Ty again, Paara told them to let the survivors go since they brought the boy back. Eve and Ty begged her to teach them survival skills after what happened in the storm.

Eve: We’re just trying to keep our people alive.
Paara: Maybe there’s something we can do.

Paara Helps - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

Paara explained so much about the fort people's history, which wasn't as clear-cut as Eve once thought. She agreed to help them plant a garden and introduce them to other villages because she'd rather have new friends than enemies.

While most of the fort people had lived there for years, 60 years ago, a sinkhole opened, and a passenger ship flew through. Paara stated they tried to be friendly with those survivors, but a war broke out.

This revelation explained why Paara and the other fort people were initially so distrustful of the sky people. As Paara explained, those that survived the war eventually made peace and have co-existed ever since.

Isiah told Eve a slightly different story, which concerned her. He said that he and his grandpa only lived in the fort for a few years, and he's not supposed to talk about his parents who died.

Finding the Truth - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

This revelation gave Eve some red flags, especially when Levi accused Silas and Paara of killing Eddie, their friend.  Silas almost looked at Eddie's photo sadly. Could Eddie be his son? Everyone seems to be connected.

Levi made a colossal mistake and insulted the only people that could help them. They still didn't know who the actual killer was, and in the middle of the chaos, someone kidnapped Isiah.

Isiah must know the story of Hansel and Gretel well. He left Eve a trail of the rocks he and his friends were playing with earlier. He's a resourceful kid.

Unfortunately, his kidnapper knew how much he could do, and she wanted him. How exactly do Silas and Rebecca know each other?

Silas & Isiah - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

Whatever Rebecca knew, Silas wasn't letting her tell Isiah. He went through and knifed her, which left her extremely weak.

Even in her weakened state, she tried to convince Eve that Isiah was unique and connected with her for a reason.

Gavin spent most of his day trying to figure out his past. Luckily, he quickly realized that keeping the truth from Izzy was only harming their relationship.

Currently, she is all he has left, and they have such a special relationship, so I'm glad he figured that out quickly.

Gavin: We’re not giving up. I didn’t want to tell you because I don’t know where it might lead. I didn’t want to get your hopes up and not come through for you because I saw what it did to you last time.
Izzy: The only way we’re going to get through this is if we do it together.

Andrew & Izzy - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

This time, Gavin takes Izzy with him as he and Sophia search Ella's home.  She's not home, but the surroundings feel vaguely familiar.

As soon as the trio found a sinkhole outside the house, the mystery heightened even more. However, we still don't know who Ella is.

Gavin started having memories again and saw Isiah with his wrist's same scar he still has today. The kid got hurt in the knifing accident with Rebecca.

How is it possible that Isiah is Gavin as a child? How did he get back to LA and grow up? So many questions.

To the Rescue - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

The rest of the sinkhole survivors had plenty of their drama. Sam ran out of his anxiety pills, which made both Marybeth and Riley question his decisions throughout the day.

Lilly heard a noise in the woods, so she was scared Veronica had returned and would hurt Ty again. Sam tried to forbid Riley from working with Josh when everyone split into teams, but she didn't appreciate the sudden parenting.

When Lilly was alone in the forest, Veronica suddenly appeared. She wanted Lilly to go on the run with her, but Lilly refused.

Lilly was so confused. In some ways, she still loved Veronica and thought of her as her big sister, but she didn't trust her after Veronica hurt Ty.

Alone in the Woods - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

As the sisters were fighting, Sam and Marybeth arrived. Sam wanted to arrest Veronica and handcuff her to a car. Marybeth thought that seemed harsh and that it seemed to scare Lilly.

Marybeth: You sure about this, Sam?
Sam: Yeah I am. She attacked Ty. She’s a threat to everyone here, especially Lilly.

No one agreed with how harsh Sam was being. Veronica started having a panic attack after being locked in that car for so long. Sam understood anxiety-induced attacks and felt tortured that he had caused this one.

He felt worse when he saw the relief on Lilly's face as she rushed to hug her sister.  His daughter wanted answers since she'd never seen him like that before.

Veronica Returns - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

He admitted he had PTSD since the war he served in.

He said he ran out of anxiety pills that morning and that it made him go off the rails. Riley appreciated knowing her dad wasn't superhuman and comforted him, promising they'd get through it together.

Dad, there is nothing wrong with you, and hiding things is not how you handle it.


La Brea has two strong father and daughter relationships on the show, which helps with the emotional connection.

Sinkhole Vigil - La Brea Season 1 Episode 8

Over to you, La Brea Fanatics. Are you shocked that Isiah is Gavin as a child? How will Eve deal with this revelation?

Can Veronica be trusted around Lilly? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you missed an episode, you can watch La Brea online right here via TV Fanatic.

La Brea airs at 9/8c on Tuesdays on NBC.

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La Brea Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Eve: We’re just trying to keep our people alive.
Paara: Maybe there’s something we can do.

Eve: I’m really glad you’re here.
Levi: Me too.