Walker Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Barn Burner

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Who is ready for some spicy chili and some family drama?

Both Jared Padalecki and Molly Hagan brought their A-game in Walker Season 2 Episode 3.

The mother and duo explored some difficult emotions as they discussed the fire at the Davidson's years ago and the feud that stemmed from it.

Chili Cookoff - Walker

Cordell has suffered so much guilt from that barn fire that he's having nightmares again.

He has been ever since the Davidsons' moved back.

Davidsons Cook-Off - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

Every time he's near a fire, it triggers a reaction from it. When the Walkers were preparing Abby's infamous chili, August accidentally left a dishtowel too close to the stove, and it almost caught on fire.

Since Cordell has a history with fire, he overreacted, yelled at his son, and ran out.

Bonham realized what happened and suspected Cordell's nightmares may have returned. Cordell said he could still practically hear Merv screaming for help.

Bonham: You did nothing wrong and we spent a ton on lawyers when Gail tried to say differently.
Cordell: But dad, the Davidsons lost everything.

Cordell would do anything to lessen his guilt, including inviting Gail Davidson to the chili cook-off, even if it angered the rest of his family. Cordell may be impulsive, but he's the peacemaker, and he wanted a fresh start between the two families.

August & Uncle Liam - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

Abby and Bonham were right, though. The Davidson's always have an ulterior motive and enjoy playing mind games, especially Gail Davidson and Dan Miller.

Dan threatened Cordell, saying inviting them didn't erase what he did all those years ago. Dab wasn't around all those years ago, either. He sounded like a threatening jealous husband who was mad Cordell got along with Denice.

If looks could kill, Abby and Gail kept glaring at each other from their chili battle stations, and things got much worse once Dan bumped into Liam and chili spilled all over him.

Both Bonham and Liam were ready to take the fight outside since Dan was disrespecting Cordell's bar and the annual Harvest Fest.

Gail: ok boys, settle down. This was supposed to be a friendly event.
Abby: Until you entered,

Chili Cook-Off-Tall - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

That just set the women off even more. They both had something to prove.

Abby wanted to get her family's recipe on the menu of her son's bar and restaurant.  Gail wanted to prove that her family belonged after being outsiders for so long.

Cordell had a dilemma. He wanted his mom to win without question, but he felt he owed it to the Davidsons to make up for everything they lost because of that one night.

It was such an emotional scene when Cordell broke down crying, saying he remembered bringing a lantern to the barn, and he questioned if he caused the fire and if they weren't bad people.

Abby's Chili - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

That's such a heavy burden to carry for so many years, and I loved that Abby just embraced him, reassuring him that it was an accident. It was such a beautiful mother and son scene.

Poor Micki was still grieving over Garrison and did not welcome playing 20 questions with Trey. The poor guy wants his girlfriend back, but she is emotionally shut down.

Cordell was one of the few people who understood what Micki was going through.

As Trey said, returning from undercover is similar to returning from war, but it's different since there is an entirely different identity and people you start to care for.

Trey & Micki - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

Cordell convinces her to come to Harvest Fest, but while she's happy to see Trey, she keeps things at the surface and challenges him to a game of darts versus having a serious talk.

Micki doesn't feel like people trust her back home. Trey came down to check on her, and it accidentally ended up putting people's lives in danger.

She appreciated that he meant well and was thinking of her. As they were hashing things out, she heard the band play a song that reminded her of Garrison, and she ran out.

It was nice to see Abby and Micki bond. Abby understands loving more than one man in her life and the importance of letting go.

At the very least, be honest with yourself cayuse the truth has a way of rearing its ugly head.


Micki & Abby - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

She told Micki some vital advice, which was to think of herself first.

Micki's not ready to talk to Trey about her ex yet, but hopefully, they can work through it together when she is.

Serrano's goons were watching the Walker's Ranch.

They learned a few interesting things like Stella and Colton were caring for a horse together, Dan Miller was snooping at the ranch, and the Walkers were working on locking up Serrano.

Battle Stations - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

This meant they needed a new buyer that hated the Walkers and would kill Cordell. Those goons weren't very loyal to each other. As soon as one divulged the info, he shot the other.

Was anyone surprised that the new buyer was Dan Miller? He hates Cordell with a passion.

Like the goon, I wonder what Denice will think if she learns that he tried to kill Cordell? She's one of the people pushing for peace between the families.

Over to you, Walker Fanatics.

Hosting - Walker Season 2 Episode 3

What do you think will happen with Micki and Trey? Are you surprised that Dan is the next buyer against the Walkers?

Will the Walkers ever catch a break, or will someone always want them dead? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you missed an episode, you can watch Walker online right here via TV Fanatic.

Walker airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

Barn Burner Review

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Walker Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Bonham: You did nothing wrong and we spent a ton on lawyers when Gail tried to say differently.
Cordell: But dad, the Davidsons lost everything.

When we win, it’ll just be a thrill to see mama’s recipe on there.