Brian Van Holt stars as Bobby Cobb, Jules' ex-husband on ABC's Cougar Town.  Bobby spent most of their marriage touring with his unsucessful band cheating on Jules like crazy.  It's no shock they got divorced and he now spends his days begging for alimony checks and cutting the grass at his son, Travis' high school.

Bobby Cobb Quotes

Jules: I can't believe I was married to a guy who keeps his driver's license in a box
Bobby: A box marked important stuff

Travis: Good bye, I love you dad
Jules: Oh my god, did he just say I love you?
Bobby: I know, pretty gay right?

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Cougar Town Quotes

Jules: You see that young gentleman there, I'd love to lick his body
Woman: That's my son
Jules: Ooh, he looks smart

Jules: When a 40-something guy gets divorced, it's always: "Way to go, Tiger!"
Grayson: We don't call each other Tiger. It's always Champ, or Samurai.