Winston: Bad kid.
Guerrero: No he's not. I know bad people. This kid isn't bad he's a punk. Show me some bodies then we can talk.

Chance: Don't do it.
Guerrero: Course she's going to do it, I would. What? Hey, when I'm off duty you don't want to follow me either.

Guerrero: Who's the dude?
Winston: You're drunk.
Chance: You're not wearing your glasses.
Guerrero: Fell into a meat grinder, new pair won't be ready until tomorrow.

Obviously I can't drive the elderly in this condition, who's going to take me to Donnelly?

Look, I don't want to hear your bad girl résumé. You're not going in cause your JV the guys in there are varsity, eyes on the road.

Dude, your kind's putting me in a me or you type situation.

Winston: I come with you on these things because, you know...
Guerrero: For God's sake, get a room already.
Winston: Shut up.

A guy like that's got a lot of armor up dude. Girl gets through it she's going to leave a mark. That's why I've always tried to be honest with my feelings, you know. Life's too short.

Winston: Martin's father said the feds told him, the only way they can go there if it was a matter of national security.
Guerrero: Right.
Winston: Well, we're going to make it one.

Winston: All right, what the hell's going on? You heard me.
Guerrero: There's a guy out there, been looking for Chance for awhile. Just got one step closer I guess.
Winston: Who?
Guerrero: His old boss.

Human Target Quotes

People have secrets and secrets are dangerous, so what are you keeping from me?

Christopher Chance

In 3 hours one way or another this thing is going to be over.

Christopher Chance