Jaax: My question to you is: there is a deadly pathogen coming for us. What are we going to do about it?

You cannot stop it. It's wiser than you or me.

Village Chief

You and I, we will end this together. Please, my friend.

Village Chief

The Ebola virus spreads when we show each other love, kindness, affection. When we're most human.


You're going to get us all killed.


Some will leave us, but some will stay. Someone will always survive. That's why we are all still here. Someone always survives.

Village Chief

Trevor: I hate to admit it, but you were right. Everyone else missed this. You saw it.
Wade: There are plenty of times I didn't find anything.
Trevor: Yeah, but you keep looking. I may not agree with your decisions, but I've always respected that. Your tenacity.

This must happen sooner rather than later. Sooner is safer for everyone.


We are on the radar of the press. And we got neighbors. Lot of eyes on us so no one comes out of this facility with suits.


Jerry: This location has been abandoned for 34 hours. Animals in there are hungry. Expect a violent reaction. Little guys don't like the suits. Let's not forget. These are not hostile enemies just primates that got involved in something they did not ask for. They have the same goal we do: to survive.
Wade: Just like Ebola except it's smarter, better at it than we are.

Jaax's dad: Did you save the world?
Jaax: Not really. Jerry took the wheel.

Jaax: Why'd you run?
Peter: I didn't run. I had to get out of there. I couldn't think for a second.

The Hot Zone Quotes

Dr. Jaax: SHF doesn't kill cells like this.
Ben: That's what I'm saying.
Dr. Jaax: There's only a few things in the world that could do this.
Jahrling: User error?

Jason: Have you ever seen AIDS?
Jaime: Mom doesn't see human patients. Besides, Tammy's mom says all the AIDS are in New York --
Dr. Jaax: -- Um, Tami's mom believes that Falcon Crest is a real place. Let's just stick to science. Facts only.