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  • Gary tells Rome about the mysterious man who answered when he called Jake's number. 
  • Sophie is taking pictures in skimpy clothes to imitate Brtiney Spear's Toxic cover. She sends it to Peter. Then calls  him when he doesn't respond and stresses out about it over his voicemail.
  • Maggie gets an offer to have her podcast be a Q&A helping session by Dr. Stacy, a big timer.
  • Gary comes in and talks to Sophie about her lying and sneaking around. He asks her where she was, and she tells him that she was with Peter and she thinks she messed up.
  • We flash back to a month prior to her private sessions with Peter. She makes a breakthrough in a vulnerable way when talking about losing Jon and what her song means. 
  • Rome is trying to write another script at 3 am when he gets a message from his father. They have a nice chat where Walter expresses interest in reading Rome's script, and he has a hard time sleeping without his wife. He's still grieving hard. It's a different type of conversation, and Rome is in a good mood later because of how they bonded like they rarely have before. He's excited to see his father to take him to his appointment and got so much writing done too.
  • Peter tells Sophie about something he did with another student where he had him where something uncomfortable like a unitard to get him out of his comfort zone while performing, and he recorded for him. He suggested it to Sophie. 
  • When Rome gets in the car with his father it's like everything changed. 
  • Sophie tells Gary about the excercise and we see a flashback to the day she first did it in a bathing suit wth him recording for her progress.
  • Sophie starts explaining and Gary is shocked and trying to maintain his composure but Sophie freaks out and kicks him out of her room. He calls Maggie.
  • Eddie and Jackie, the transgender fellow patient who is brutally honest with him, play card games, and when he makes a gaffe while talking about how she chose to be a woman but he didn't choose to be in his chair, she bestows some more wisdom upon him.
  • Maggie arrives to talk to Sophie, and she reluctantly recounts some of what she told Gary.Peter had her dancing around to loosen her up, gave her comliments and then would get serious. Dangled opportunities in front of her.
  • Maggie and Gina talk to Sophie. She confesses that Peter did masturbate in front of her. 
  • Gina opens up about her abuse, and she sits with Sophie when she talks to Delilah. 
  • Gary wants to go confront Peter and arrives at his house, but Rome calls to talk him down.
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Peter: Ms. Dixon, what is your song about?
Sophie: It's about my dad. It's about how he left. It's about how he left without saying goodbye, and how he died before I became who I was gonna be, and how a part of me is afraid to become a new person because maybe secretly I think I'll run into him again, and if I do I want to make sure he recognizes me.
Peter: If you don't play that every single time you come on stage, then don't get on stage.

Gary: Tell me. Where were you?
Sophie: I was with Peter.
Gary: Peter? Your guitar teacher?
Sophie: I think I messed up.