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  • Gary arrives home from whatever happened at Peter's. He greets Colin and Eddie is alseep. He listens to Darcy's voicemail where she says he'll be a great dad and if that's what he wants, then she's game. He cleans up his arm that has blood on it, and he throws the clothes he's wearing in the washing machine.
  • Tyrell's mother is doing much better in Haiti. Gina is getting rid of her food from the restaurant before it goes bad. Rome and Tyrell submit their film to a film festival.
  • Gina leaves a heartbroken message to her patrons on the answering machine informing them of the shutdown.
  • Gary checks to see if there is any news about Peter when he wakes up. 
  • Eddie tells him about the woman who called and said she hit him. And he recorded the call and plays it to Gary. Gary tells him to calm down and not doing something rash in the name of justice. He's speaking from experience. 
  • Delilah is shocked that Sophie didn't return home and Danny helps her sweep up the stuff she broke. '
  • Detective Saunders calls to "check in" on Sophie after they told her there wasn't enough evidence to charge Peter. 
  • He tells her that Peter was attacked last night. He was attempting to see where she was at the time of the attack.
  • They're investgating it as a home invasion and they aren't sure if Peter will make it from getting beaten so badly.
  • Maggie listens to Dr. Stacy and is there to here when she ends her career because of a hot mic.
  • Sophie returns home and hears that her grandfather had a stroke, so Delilah has to go. Danny tells her. She's upset but mostly because she has to uproot again and Delilah is off to be there for him when she wasn't there for her. Danny asks Sophie if she's angry at their father, and when Sophie says no because he was suffering, Danny reminds her that Delilah is suffering too. And he's going to be there for their mother and support her for however long she needs even if that means moving to France with her forever. 
  • Maggie tells Gary about Peter, and Gary figures out that the detective called Sophie before the news broke likely because he suspected her.
  • Gary gets nervous when someone knocks on the door, but it's just a photographer to take pictures of the condo.
  • Maggie learns that Claudia was fired. 
  • Eddie shows Katherine the new apartment he's buying. 
  • Sophie talks to Delilah and tells her she isn't going but knows that Delilah needs to and they make up.
  • Sophie gathers everyone to the house for a pizza night and they all support Delilah and her departure.
  • Rome doesn't want to tell Tyrell that the airports to Haiti are open becuase he's afraid of losing him.
  • Gary and Delilah make up.
  • They tell Tyrell about the tickets and he tells them he wants to go see his mom.
  • Gary talks to Sophie about Peter. She tells him about the podcast and how she wanted Peter to know she was stronger but now he's in a coma so he may never know.
  • They offer Maggie the chance to be the guest host on Dr. Stacy's podcast until they look for her replacement. Maggie agrees as long as they hire Claudia
  • Eddie isolates the sound of the recording to find out that the woman who hit him works at a grocery store.
  • Rome and Gina are upset that Tyrell left, but he left them a message saying he'll see them in a few weeks.
  • Gary flashes back to that night. Christopher Gregory was with him. 
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Eddie: Something happened last night. I got a call from the person who hit me.
Gary: What? What he say?
Eddie: She, I, uh, recorded as much if as I could.

Hey, it's me. I know we left things in a weird place earlier, and I'm sorry. The thing is after I got divorced. I promised myself that no matter who I dated, I wouldn't have another kid. But that was before I fell in love with you. The fact is I have watched you for months take care of two kids you have no relation to, and there was never a minute you didn't make them feel like they weren't your family. Gary, you have proven every day that you would be an incredible father. So if having kids is something you want, well, then I know the perfect three-bedroom we should make an offer on.

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