Meeting At The Mall - Absentia
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Nick has been beaten badly, has his mouth and hands duct-taped, and is trapped in a coffin being transported somewhere.
When he wakes up again, Nick is still naked and in a room with bright, white lights. He’s injured, in pain, and can barely get himself to the door to look out the tiny window. There are several other cells, just like his. In another room, someone is watching all of the prisoners on video. 
Emily tries to assure Flynn that everything will be okay, and she won’t stop until she finds Nick. 
Cal agrees to help Emily and tells her that Kristophe is at Boston General Hospital. Emily heads there. She orders Kristophe to get in touch with Dawkins and tell him she has Kai and the files she stole. She wants to trade them for Nick today. 
Dawkins sneaks into the hospital, posing as an orderly, gets Kristophe’s message from Emily, and then strangles Kristophe, leaving his dead body in the hospital. 
Emily is hiding Kai in her basement. Kai won’t hand over the files, but she goes with Emily to try and tag Dawkins phone. 
When Gunnarson sees a video showing that Emily was at the hospital before Kristophe was killed, she wants her brought in. Crown finds Emily, but she asks him for three hours, and then she’ll have more on Dawkins. He agrees, but then has another pair of FBI agents following Emily. 
Emily meets with Dawkins at a mall food court. Kai is nearby with her computer. Kai says the live video feed of Nick that Dawkins has is coming from Europe. 
One of Dawkins goons finds Kai. He throws her off of the mall balcony before Emily can get to her. Kai is still alive but severely injured. Emily stays with her while they wait for the ambulance. 
Cal goes after Dawkins but loses him in a shootout in the parking lot. 
Nick tries to escape, but when he gets outside, guards capture him. The complex is in the middle of nowhere. 
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Absentia Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Julianne: I need you to sit this one out. I hope you understand.
Emily: Julianne, I can help, just use me. I’ll do whatever.
Julianne: No, I’m sorry. I can’t have anymore stabbing victims on my watch. Take the time to take care of yourself and your son.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t come to your house. I put your family in danger. Nick’s one of the good guys, that’s why I went to him for help in the first place. Emily, please. Let me fix what I started.