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Gabe sets up a romantic date with Cat hoping to win her over. 

Vincent and Cat are in disguise and living in a youth hostel.

Tess and JT are planning Heather's bachelorette party, but JT isn't happy that she won't take the time to file charges against Gabe.

Cat's high school friend Beth is stalking Tess for information. Her source knows about Vincent and his supercharged DNA thanks to a military experiment. Her source? Gabe.

Vincent behind bars is not enough for Gabe. He wants a genuine shot with Cat. As if he hasn't already had one.

Heather doesn't have time to help out Cat, but she can sure worry about her bachelorette party.

Heather is a horrible PR person.

It's OK. Gabe only murdered a man because he thought Vincent might hurt Cat like Gabe killed his mom. All's good!

Gabe grabs the wrong cake and when he heads back to Cat's he learns about the fake date.

Vincent turns himself in and Beth still asks questions.

In prison, a couple of guys know about Knox and act as if they're doing tests on his behalf. Knox thinks he escaped.

Heather refuses to help -- again -- and will not report the kidnapping so she can have a party. She's completely traumatized. Yeah, right.

Gabe has taken Vincent. Of course. While Vincent runs on a treadmill people in another room monitor Cat arriving at Gabes. Vincent is neutralized. Good Lord.

Gabe has Rebecca Reynolds' journal and Cat's ancestor had her own beast. Rebecca had to kill her beast.

Gabe and Cat arue and he goes a little nuts. She says she doesn't need his protection and when he attacks her, she goes all judo on his ass. Gabe is dead.

The doctor says they're really the good guys and watching Gabe was a coincidence. He proposes that he can neutralize Gabe. They let him go and Vincent gets to Cat in enough time to save Gabe, only to kill him again?

Heather whines and says she has been putting things off because she was scared and didn't want to be alone.

Vincent tells Cat she doesn't always have to fix everyone else's troubles, and it felt good to fix hers for a change.

Knox calls. Vincent has been exonerated. The agents who broke Vincent out of prison did it. Nobody knows who they are.

The people who had Vincent got his blood. That was their end game.

Tess and JT talk about sex. He want back to the store to get supplies, but Tess admits she's a little scared about all of it too.

Gabe did kidnap Vincent so he could have his blood and be a beast again. While Tess and JT come close to making out in Gabe's living room, he beasts out and breaks through windows.

Cat and Vincent blissfully make love unaware of what is happening.

Beth is waiting for Gabe. He was going to take her the serum. He tells her they are real and tomorrow everyone will know and he rips her heart out.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

JT: Heather wants penis straws? She actually wrote that in her email.
Tess: Yeah. Apparently they're a bachelorette party staple.

Cat: I'm just saying that I have a certain thing over him and I intend to use it to my benefit.
Vincent: Well, clearly, the whole blonde thing is getting to her.