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A dead little girl and a new pack complicate matters as Nora and Sally try to help Josh deal with his werewolf. 

As Sally is back in time, she can hear Josh and Nora and then she walks through their closet.

Sally realizes she's corporeal. She shakes Aidan awake and she wants to enjoy it in case it's temporary. But it's a dream from which Nora wakes him up and she sees his "excitement" that she says just lunged at her out of the covers.

Sally discovered a secret room and Aidan sledge hammers his way through it, using the Kool Aid "Oh Yeah" as he busts through.

Sally's father comes by and tells them the house has been sold and they need to be out by the end of the week. Sally tells them all to beg, but he wants to be rid of the house.

Sally tells Aidan that the other him made her kiss this him so that he could remember. Aidan definitely feels for her but doesn't know how it will work and wants to make sure they don't mess up their friendship.

Kenny wants to disappear and have a life with Astrid. Aidan suggests he fake his death.

Josh doesn't want to help Kenny and Astrid escape.

Aidan and Josh start to argue and when they say they want to just trash it like everything else in Aidan's past Sally says to stop because it's a friendship that has saved them all countless times. They just have to get out of the house. Then Ramona shows up.

Ramona wants them to find Beatrice for her. Sally wants to get her door. She doesn't want it to end in a massive disaster and Aidan says they don't have to end in a massive disaster if they take it slow.

Ramona suggests Josh stay in the house and stay with her. Then Nora comes and she knows it.

When Nora is in trouble downstairs when Astrid holds a gun to her head, but Ramona seals him in the room. In his anger he changes. Andrew, Mark and friends have the red haired girl he infected and they're saying he needs to teach her. 

Beatrice isn't interested in hearing about Ramona.

Aidan and Sally get home all of the wolves are dead and Nora is holding Josh in the kitchen.

Sally decides to try to help Josh through possession. Knowing what has happened and what might happen and makes Josh and Nora realize their love for each other.

Sally possesses Josh and realizes he's been split in two. Josh is afraid to find the part that's missing, and then a wolf comes running and Josh flees.

Aidan asks Kenny to help clean up the mess and has to tell him about Astrid. 

When Josh goes to a safe place the wolf finds him and Sally makes him confront the wolf and accept him as a part of himself. It works and he reunites with Nora.

Ramona watches Aidan as he wraps up Astrid's body in two plastic bags. She wants to know why he didn't let the other men take her. There are 15 scratch marks in her blood under the bed.

Sally tells Josh he will always have to go and confront that other half of him.

Astrid shows up to Kenny, but she's a ghost. She tells him Josh killed her and the rest of the pack.



Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Josh: You can smell disco-era blood?
Aidan: Yeah, you can't?
Josh: No.

I know you enjoyed kissing me and I was just a random werewolf dude at the time.