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Mark and Cassie find Ronald’s abandoned truck at a junkyard.

Scarlet confronts Ronald when she discovers his taser in her bathroom. Later, Mark gets video footage of Ronald sleeping on Helen’s grave.

Jenny and Cassie travel to Lochsa, where they meet with Blake. He explains that he is falsely accused of beating up a young woman.

Blake’s brother, Rand, sees Jenny at the police station and tells his brother John Wayne. After patriarch Horst bequeaths the family farm to John Wayne, he tells him about Jenny’s presence in town.

After someone slashes the tires of Jenny’s truck and throws blood on it, she and Cassie go to the local sheriff, who refuses to help them. Jenny goes to the Kleinsasser’s, hoping to look at the scene where the crime took place on their property, but Horst kicks her out.

Cassie goes to a local bar where she meets the Kleinsasser sister, Cheyenne, and rebuffs John Wayne’s advance. While traveling to meet Jenny, Cassie is pulled over and arrested, though the officer doesn’t take her to the police station.

After breaking onto the Kleinsasser property, Jenny comes across Rand making an illegal substance in his trailer. He then chases her into the woods, where she falls into a pit of bones trapping her.

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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm not that guy, Jenny.


Mark: Do you believe in manifestation? You know, you think about something. You, uh, you believe in it. Even if it isn't real yet. And that focus and belief helps make it real.
Cassie: Okay, California boy.
Mark: You should try it some time.
Cassie: Okay. Uh, right now I'm manifesting you focus on Ronald.
Mark: That's good.