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-Danny is arrested for having cocaine in the back of his car.  He's being set up but he doesn't know why or by whom.

-The family realizes that can't be a part of the investigation or else they could make things worse for Danny. Henry hires Jack Boyle, Erin's ex to defend Danny from the drug charges.

-When Danny hears that an unmarked police car was outside of his home and his off duty weapon is missing, he realizes a cop is setting him up.  He suspects everyone, including his partner Kate.

-Turns out the Captain set Danny up when he heard he was trying to get a warrant to obtain the black book of a local bookie.  The Captain was a chronic gambler and proof of his own misdeeds would be found inside.

-Kate gets the warrant and finds the bookie dead and his black book in a secret compartment in his safe.  Danny's charges are dropped but Kate tells Danny that IAB is calling her back into service. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Are you seeing another ADA behind my back?


Danny: I bet you can't wait until tomorrow, Sarge.
Sarge: How's that?
Danny: Because you get smarter every day.