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Booth is shot.

Brennan is teaching Booth German because he's up for head of the Berlin field office. He just has to go in front of the congressional hearing.

Booth gets a call from someone about the McNamaras, but it's not in relation to the ghost killer.

The man who wanted to meet Booth is likely killed in an explosion, that originated from his stomach.

Hodgins says a quart and a half of certain liquor would allow you to explode from the inside.

Booth decides against sharing any of what he's learned about the case with his superiors.

Fisher's new lease on life makes him realize killers are bad.

Foster's hard drive was stolen. He runs a computer blog on conspiracies and worked at one of the McNamara's facilities.

Fisher finds a nipple fused to the top of the camper and Foster's nipple ring is a memory chip.

Booth takes a call during his lunch with the deputy director and a congressman and fails to impress.

Booth finds a photo of his on the nipple memory chip.

Someone inside the FBI can control FBI, politicians -- everyone.

Booth doesn't want to go public because it could leave a lot of innocent people with their pants down.

Brennan embraces Fisher's new tactics, cussing when discussing the potential murderer.

Booth talks Brennan into lying on the report to buy them time.

The congressman asks Booth about assassinating an American man named David Johnson during a mission in Pakistan.

The press has a field day with what the congressman revealed during the hearing.

Booth thinks that the promotion was a setup to take him down because he looked too closely into what happened with McNamara.

The Deputy Director puts Booth on administrative leave, which essentially means he's fired.

Angela knows why Hadley turned on Booth. There were photos of him kissing a man.

Booth tells the congressman that he has everything and he's not going to keep it to himself.

Booth sends Brennan and Christine away to Max. The cops are on the way because Delta Force knows what's going on.

The team tries everything to get the rest of the information off the nipple chip.

Booth arms the house with C4 and prepares to be attacked.

The team is being hacked. Angela has built in a 90 second window to delete all the data, but letting the hackers think they were successful in shutting them down.

Booth is under attack. It's like a war zone.

Booth tries to find out who sent the force. He's shot but takes out some of the men thanks to his brilliant traps.

Brennan goes home and shoots someone before he kills Booth. She sucessfully wards off a guy until he heads toward her with a knife. Booth breaks his neck and collapses.

Brennan is waiting at the hospital while Booth undergoes surgery. Booth flatlines. The team shows up. Booth's heart is beating again.

The doctor tells Brennan that Booth is alive, but there's a problem. He's handcuffed to the bed and the deputy director tells her he killed 3 FBI agents. She says they tried to kill him and he cuffs her and takes her into custody, too.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 24 Quotes

Angela: How could you possibly know what this guy would do?
Hodgins: Because it's what I would do.

You're out of line, Sir!