A Child's Warning - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy is sick, but she goes out patrolling anyway. She fights Angelus and hurts herself by falling.

Cordelia, Xander and Willow rush Buffy to the emergency room. The doctors say that she is going to be fine. The flu, and her injuries from falling, will require some healing.

Buffy, in her delirious state, begs to leave the hospital. The doctors sedate her and she passes out. Joyce reveals that Buffy hates the hospital ever since she saw her cousin die in a hospital.

Buffy has a premonition of a demon following a sick child in the hospital. She also dreams about herself as a child being in a hospital.

A dead body of a child is wheeled out of the children's ward. Buffy overhears two doctors talk about the flu virus and treatments.

Two kids warn Buffy that "Death" is around and will find them.

Angelus arrives at the hospital to kill Buffy. Xander stops him and Angelus leaves.

A dream flashback is revealed of two girls playing superhero and citizen. The dream is of Buffy.

The doctor is impressed by Buffy's healing ability to the flu and the injuries.

Willow, Xander and Giles bring Buffy gifts; Cordelia forgot to bring anything. Buffy warns them about the strange activities at the hospital and the warning from the kids.

Xander and Cordelia do some digging in the hospital's files about the dead kid. Cordelia is caught by a security guard; she flirts with the guard to get some information and help Xander get out of the room.

Willow and Giles worry that Buffy might be manifesting the demon in her imagination. They deduce instead that the "demon" is actually a metaphor for a human doing bad things at the hospital.

Cordelia is mad at Xander for constantly trying to protect Buffy. She knows he's still into her and checks her out.

Buffy chats with the little boy Ryan. She says she can help protect him, but he doesn't believe her.

Willow and Giles discover that the head doctor on the case has a long list of lawsuits and offenses against him.

An invisible demon kills the head doctor. Buffy watches as the body is dragged away.

Buffy decides to stay in the hospital for another night to find out more about the demon and Backer's files.

Willow and Buffy discover that the head doctor was trying to do some good for the kids before being killed.

Giles gets frustrated going through research with Cordelia. When they're about to give up, they discover the icon on the cover of a book. The demon is call Der Kindestod, a demon that kills children and suck the life out of them.

Giles explains how the demon kills its prey. Buffy realizes that the same demon killed her cousin Celia as a child.

Buffy drinks a bit of flu formula that the doctor was working on.

The kids run to hide in the boiler room of the hospital. Buffy sees the demon sulking around the room before he leaves to find the kids.

The doctors try to take Buffy away, but Willow acts a diversion.

Xander and Buffy chase the demon to the boiler room basement. The Der Kindestod is about to suck out Ryan's life until Buffy stops him.

Buffy and the demon fight each other. She snaps his neck and the demon dies.

Xander and Willow crash at Buffy's place while she's recuperating. Joyce is getting annoyed at them for mooching off her. Ryan sends Buffy a drawing of her killing the demon.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Buffy: Maybe it wasn’t Death? Maybe it was something else?
Cordelia: So, this isn’t about you being afraid of hospitals ‘cause your friend died and you wanna conjure up a monster that you can fight, so you can save everybody and not feel so helpless?
Giles: Cordelia, have you actually ever heard of tact?
Cordelia: Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.

Cordelia: Eww, what does this do?
Giles: What?
Cordelia: What does this do?
Giles: Uh, it extracts vital organs to replenish its own mutating cells.
Cordelia: Wow. What does this one do?
Giles: Um, it elongates its mouth to, uh, engulf its victim's head with its incisors.
Cordelia: Ouch. Wait, what does this one do?
Giles: It asks endless questions of those with whom it's supposed to be working so that nothing is getting done.
Cordelia: Boy, there's a demon for everything.