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Natalie wakes up from a dream about the accident. 

April is at the doctor's. THe doctor says her thyroid tests are normal and her fallopian tubes are open. But her AMH count is low and FMH is high -- early onset menopause. It's not likely she will get pregnant. The doctor thinks she and Ethan should discuss IVF, but she may not be responsive to it.

April comes home as Ethan is leaving. The Navy is making him leave for six weeks. A navy guy had an MI and they need a reservist. April sees that Ethan has a book called The Expectant Father. She won't explain why she's upset.

Charles is watching CeCe sleep. She wakes up and says she slept great. He asks how her pain is. She notices he's not dressed. He wants to stay home with her. She says he's getting good at this marriage stuff. She wants him to remarry after she dies. He changes the subject. Charles goes into the kitchen and cries.

In the hospital, Natlaie asks Ben tf she can share with Maggie what she's found. Ben says okay. Natalie says his white cell count is super low and he has a fever. She's sorry. Ben is tired and Natalie tells him to rest. She will increase his oxygen if he has trouble breathing. She goes.

Elsa tells Natalie that Philip's daughter is here for surgery. Natalie says Sophie is still her patient. She wants Elsa to help her examine her.

Natalie has a flash of memory of the accident when she sees Philip holding the baby. She remembers an FBI agent was there with Philip. A nurse says the family is ready to see her. Philip's sister and her husband are there. They tell her that Philip is a pathological liar. They don't know where he is. He left Sophie here and is probably not coming back. Natalie says Sophie is what's important. Sophie smiles when she sees Natalie.

April and Marcel talk to a patient with a kidney problem. His brother is not a match, but if a kidney becomes available they will do a transplant.

Ethan talks to the parents of a teenager who had high blood sugar and passed out. But his numbers are better now. However, Ethan wants a nephrologist to check the kid's kidneys.

Marcel and April want to talk to Ethan. The brother will donate his kidney to their guy if their guy's family can donate to their patient.

A 16-year-old with Down's Syndrome comes in after a car accident. He tells Will he was on his way to go ice skating. Father says the kid is healthy. They take a chest x-ray. Chest looks good, but Will wants to get a CT scan of the head and neck in case it's more serious than whiplash.

Dan's mother is a match for the other patient, but she has high blood pressure and Dan and his dad don't want her to take the risk. The mother insists on doing it.

Ethan tells April he wants to get his sperm tested to make sure he's fertile. April explodes. She says it's too much pressure and maybe she doesn't want a baby anymore.

Will tells Jordi the CT scan is normal. The father says Jordi competes in the Special Olympics. However, Jordi's hands feel tingly. Will isn't sure what that means. He discovers Jordi can't feel anything in his hand. He wants to run an MRI. The dad consents.

Philip's sister and husband want to adopt Sophie. The other doctor comes in and says Sophie has a DNR. The brother-in-law says that Sophie is too much work and that now that Natalie is not in the picture he doesn't care if she dies. The surgeon won't do the procedure because of the DNR.

April updates her patient on the kidney transplant.

Marcel starts the first transplant.

Ben's fever is up. He tells Maggie he had a dream he was fishing. Maggie asks him if there's anyone she should call. He says she's the closest thing he has to family. He has not made any arrangements for his burial. He thought he was getting better. His parents are buried in Florida. He wants to be buried with them. Maggie says okay. 

Natalie talks to Sharon, who says that they don't know for sure Philip has abandoned the baby. The Ethics and Legal Committee says this is valid. Dr. Latham says he understands why Dr. Freese bailed on the surgery but he will do it, as Rhodes would have if he was here.

Dan is in VFIB. The father won't leave the room wile they try to resuscitate.Choi won't give up but Dan dies. The father is inconsolable.

Marcel removes a kidney from the patient. But Mr. Schiller has stopped the procedure because of his son's death. Marcel may not do the transplant. Marcel says sit tight and storms off.

Marcel says this is ridiculous. Ethan is on the father's side. April isn't. Ethan says it's the husband's decision. April is angry that Ethan didn't try to talk to the father. Legal guy needs to talk to Ethics. Sharon says to prep the patient for surgery just in case.

Dr. Abrams comes to see Jordi. He says Jordi's spine is not working right. He wants to talk to the father outside. He says surgery is high risk and could make things worse. They can also stabilize the spine with a halo vest and wait for the whiplash to heal. However, Jordi will eventually need the surgery. The father says no surgery.  He doesn't know what to tell Jordi. He can't compete without the surgery and that will break his heart.

Mike's brother says Mike will die without the kidney. Marcel gets a call and hopes for good news.

Legal and Ethics have said Marcel gets the kidney. Ethan is upset. April says this is still the best outcome they could have. Ethan says he doesn't know what's going on with them, but maybe it's good he's going away.

Dr. Charles tells Sharon they are having a bon voyage party. She realizes CeCe is dying.

Jordi has a tantrum about not being able to skate.He wants to "fly". He wants Will to see him skate on a video.

Ben needs to be intubated due to poor oxygenation. Doctor doesn't think Ben has long.

Latham does the surgery on Sophie while Natalie watches. They have to put the baby back onbypass. Pressure is still not lowering. THey can't do something because of the DNR. Latham finds the problem and preps for angioplasty.

Will watches the video of ordi. Jordi is still having a tantrum. The father asks what to do. The father says this is his fault. He was compensating for having a kid with Downs so he pushed him into sports.  Will suggests it's about what Jordi wants.

Latham is running out of time. But pressure is going down. Latham believes the child's health issues have been resolved.

Ethan tells April he's not coming home tonight. He wants to be there for Mr. Schiller. Did she mean what she said about not wanting a baby? April doesn't know.

Dr. Lanc wants Maggie. She comes in. He says Ben's O2 stats are improving. Labs are better too. Maybe stopping chemo allowed his immune system to bounce back.

Jordi asks Abrams if he is going to fix him. Abrams says yes.

Natalie smiles at Will as she passes. He walks away.

Natalie is walking with Elsa and has another flashback. Sophie was recovering and Agent Lee told her that she would be a fool not to take Will back. She realizes she has been so unfair to Will.

Dr. Abrams says that Jordi will be on the ice soon. He would like to see him compete. The father is also grateful to Will and gives him a hug.

Mike has got a new kidney. April hugs Marcel and all of a sudden they kiss. Marcel asks if she's sure. 

Daniel and CeCe will hae a honeymoon suite. Daniel has made a sugar free drink for Sharon. Robyn finally comes to see CeCe. She wants to talk to Daniel in private. Robyn wants to go on the trip. Daniel says CeCe doesn't want that. Robyn says why not? Daniel says CeCe wants Robyn to remember her the way she is tonight.  Robyn cries that she will never see her again.Daniel hugs her.

They are going to unintubate Ben. He coughs but is okay. 

Will is on the roof watching the video of Jordi when Natalie comes up to him. She tells him she remembers that she was coming to apologize to him. Will says she doesn't need to do this. Natalie says she does. She came to say she loves him and wants to be with him. Will says stop. He says she told him to get out of her life and he did. It's been good for him. Natalie says they can figure this out. Will says they are not good for each other. He can now imagine a future without her and feels free. He's sorry but it's too late. He goes. Natalie sobs.




Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Charles: How'd you sleep?
CeCe: I slept great.
Charles: How's your pain, honey?
CeCe: You're not dressed.
Charles: I thought I'd stay home today. Don't try to talk me out of it.
CeCe: I won't. You're getting good at this marriage thing.
Charles: Maybe fourth time's the charm.
CeCe: Danny?
Charles: Hmm?
CeCe: I want you to remarry.
Charles: But I'm happily married to you.
CeCe: You know what I mean.
Charles: So what's for breakfast?
CeCe: I know you heard me.
Charles: Pancakes it is.

Ethan wants a baby. I can't give him one.