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  • Jay attempts to decline Hailey's proposal knowing that she's in an emotional state. He gets a phone call and tells her they need to get to the hospital.
  • She takes a shower and cleans the blood off of her hands.
  • Sam tries to take the case from Voight so they can focus on Burgess. But he declines. and Trudy gives them an update on Roy's possible whereabouts. The others stll don't know about Roy. 
  • Adam is emotinal and almost goes off on the doctor when they give Kim a stable prognosis but say it'll be touch and go.
  • They gear up to go and Adam stays behind. 
  • Hailey spots her hair tie at the crime scene and tries to cover it up. Voight tells her to work the scene to get her DNA place and treat it like any other case. Roy's body and all is gone, of course because Voight burned all the evidence.
  • Hailey and Voight go talk to the witness who called in gunshots at the warehouse and he shares that there was a tan car idling there that Voight and Hailey didn't know about.
  • the doctor tells Ruzek that Burgess may survive and end up on life support. 
  • Trudy tels Haltead and Atwater about the car and it traces back to Roy's associate Mark.
  • Hailey is spiraling and demands to know what they're plan is because Mark is who they tuned up to get to Roy. 
  • Voight takes the laptop that Atwater collects as evidence and assigns Atwater, Halstead, and Upton to going door to door in search of Mark since his apartment is empty.
  • Adam talks to Trudy and tries to deterimine if she tell Makayla about Kim.
  • Voight gets an off books hacker he helped in the past to hack into Mark's laptop. There's video of Voight and Hailey at the warehouse on it. Voight deletes it.When he calls Hailey, he tells her about it, and reminds her to find the cell phone if they find him and take it.
  • Hailey and Halstead find Mark who takes off on foot. They pursue him, and Hailey slows down to avoid catching him until he yanks a woman out of her car and pulls off getting away.
  • Halstead picks up that something is wrong with Hailey when she's getting sick in the alley and he questions her about letting Mark get away but she lashes out on him. Voight tries to get Hailey in check again
  • They end up in a high speed chase with Mark. He takes a hostage and fires at police. 
  • Voight tells them to cut everything and go dark. He goes in with Hailey to pursue Mark. Mark wants to talk to who is in charge so Sam suits up and when Atwater questions her, she asks him to go in with her.
  • Hailey offers to tell the truth to talk Mark down. Jay takes the shot and shoots him in the neck. Voight grabs the phone just as Atwater and Sam are coming in. Mark is still alive. 
  • Makayla paints Ruzek's nails and he talks to her about Burgess. He takes her to see Burgess who is awake.
  • Mark dies. With no other leads Voight tells Sam that its run cold and she says that she'll call in the Feds.
  • Voight tells Hailey that it's over now and that she has to make peace with what happend. 
  • Hailey tells Kim that they haven't found Roy.
  • Halstead asks Hailey later at home if she meant the proposal or only did it because of Kim, and she doubls down on it. So he he says yes, and he proposes to her too because he's old fashioned.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Hailey: What are we doing?
Voight: Stop.
Hailey: What the hell are we doing?
Voight: We're following a lead It's as simple as that. You just go do your job like any other day, any other case.

Jay: What? Really?
Hailey: I don't want to be without you.
Jay: I don't want to be without you. That doesn't mean--
Hailey: I love you more than anything. I want to start a new chapter. A better chapter with you.