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Tyson Conway's non-profit organization, Global Health Horizons, is funded by his father's pharmaceutical company Alastor, which is also behind the drug Reprisol in which all four dead women took. Krendler orders Clarice to work Tyson for gain information about his dad's company while he continues to play Hudlin. Ned, a former boyfriend, calls Catherine. Bea finds Catherine paralyzed by anxiety after she had ventured outside. Clarke leans on drug rep Naomi to learn more about the company and Reprisol. Ardelia and Haynes meet with attorney George Castillo about taking their discrimination case against the FBI. He will only do it if Ardelia makes Clarice the lead complaint. Clarke sends Clarice and Esquivel after Julia Lawson, Alastor's senior accountant. Krendler spooks Hudlin by asking about Carolina. Julia's lover freaks out when she realizes who Clarice is. Ardelia is hesitant about targeting Clarice with the suit. Bea transports Catherine to her dinner with Ned. Julia shows up at the ViCAP office with Reprisol financial files. Ned apologizes for leaving Catherine after Clarice rescued her from Buffalo Bill. Julia tells Clarice that Buffalo Bill's reported transexuality had a negative impact on transexuals such as herself, who got labeled as monsters. She blamed Clarice for keeping silent on that topic. Ned isn't looking to rekindle his relatjonship with Catherine since he's seeing someone else. She rips into him for seeking absolution. Then she flips out but Ruth picks her up. Clarke finds Naomi in her car overdosed on Reprisol. Clarice and Clarke get into a shouting match over leveraging Julia. Esquivel tells Clarice to push Tyson. Clarice informs Tyson that he wants to know who his father is and she wants to help him. Hudlin threatens Julia by using her male birth name. Clarice supports Ardelia's decision to sue. 

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You two, map the case. Everything we've learned since we waded into the river. Walk the path. See what we missed the first time.

Krendler [to Clarice and Esquivel]

Esquivel: Really? Leaning on his immigration status?
Clarke: Hey, working a C.I. is an art. They don't teach it at Quantico. It's all in finding their thumbscrews.