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Simon dies from the gun shots, but Annie is taken to the hospital.  Meanwhile, Lena makes up evidence and gives it to the CIA proving that Annie was a traitor for FSB.  Arthur believes it but Joan and Auggie don't.


Auggie figures out that someone made a fake passport that was on Annie when she was found.  He goes to find the man who made it, but he is dead.  Auggie smells perfume in the house when he finds the dead man, and later smells the same perfume when Lena talks to him at the hospital.


Auggie and Joan then find Lena attempting to murder Annie at the hospital, but she is able to get away from them before they can do anything about it.  Fortunately, Annie was okay.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Annie Walker's no traitor. I don't care what evidence you have. It's wrong. I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to prove it.


I need you Annie. I never need anyone, but I need you.