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Hotch tells Tara Lewis that the Attorney-General has announced a review of every serial criminal in federal prison - and that he wants Lewis to head it up, starting immediately.

The BAU are called to investigate the murder of Paige Lincoln, who was found stabbed to death in her bathtub. This happened in Glenport Village, a community of non-violent sex offenders. The town is overseen by Reverend Jorge Santos.

The team discovers that the pastor of the town has micro-chipped all sexual offenders, as a condition of being allowed to settle in the town. They also have to sign contracts. Reverend Santos tells Hotch that when a resident has been in the town for five years without incident, he removes the tracking chip.

Sheriff Desario's daughter Riley is invited to a party that night by a boy named Adam Jenkins.

A girl named Victoria Taylor is attacked at her home and killed.

Sheriff Desario decides to keep his kids safe at the police station. He tells Riley she can't go to the party.

Adam calls Riley up, and suggests that she sneak out and go to the party with him. She agrees.

Adam drives past the party house, which is dark. He tells Riley they party probably got busted up. She asks him to take her back to the station, but he instead pulls over and tries to kiss her. She objects and he kicks her out of the car.

Sheriff Desario discovers that his daughter has gone out. He calls her but her phone goes to voice mail.

A guy named Matt Franks stops by Riley as she walks home. He offers her a ride. She accepts. He drives past her stop. When she objects he slams on the brakes, causing her to bang her head on the dashboard, knocking her out.

Lewis interviews one of the town residents, who recalls seeing a car near the house where the first murder happened. He tells her it has a sign on the door, indicating that it belong to someone who goes around fixing computers. Lewis theorizes that it could be the unsub.

Matt takes the unconscious Riley to her house and wakes her up. She discovers she is tied to a chair, and that she is dressed in her cheerleader costume.

Garcia identifies Matt Franks as the probably unsub.

Matt explains to Riley what he's done. Riley plays along, and suggests that they go to the bedroom. He unties her. She takes his hand and they go to the bedroom.

He tells her to do her cheerleader routine. She says she can't do it without her pom-poms. He asks where they are. She says they're in the closet.

She goes to the closet. He tells her to stop, and asks her why her pom-poms are in her dad's closet. She reaches in to grab a rifle. Matt grabs her and the guns goes off.
He throws her to the ground.

Riley gets up and kicks him in the crotch. He falls but grabs her foot. He grabs her and throws her against the window just as the police show up.

Morgan and Lewis make their way to the bedroom. Matt Franks is holding a knife to Riley's throat.

Lewis asks him to talk with her. She asks him about his parents. He moves just far enough away from Riley. Lewis shoots him dead.

Hotch suggests that Lewis coordinate her research team as well as consult with the BAU. She accepts.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Morgan: I'm surprised you took that shot.
Lewis: Yeah, me too.
Morgan: It's your first time. Are you all right?
Lewis: Yeah. I'm just tired.
Morgan: That's how it is.
Lewis: Every time?
Morgan: Lewis he was going to kill that little girl. You did what you had to do.
Lewis: Yeah. I know.
Morgan: Tomorrow's a new day.

To remain indifferent to the challenges we face is indefensible. If the goal is noble, whether or not it is realized within our lifetime is largely irrelevant. What we must do, therefore, is to strive, and persevere, and never give up - Dalai Lama, the 14th.