Kirkman at his Desk  - Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 7
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Detwiler is who Mombeg called after he killed Hannah. He was also the FDA commissioner under Moss.

Kirkman speaks at the CIA ceremony honoring Hannah. He and all the agencies are determined to capture Momberg before he attacks.

Momberg norovirus wants to infect a water supply to get as many people as possible.

Eli friend from lab was killed but she did a thesis on nanorobotide and put smart dust on him to track him. They track him down but he releases all of his work online to ensure others can follow in his steps before taking a cyanide pill and killing himself.

Isabel stays in the office. Seth invites her to sleep on his couch. Since she broke up with Aaron.

Sasha offers support to Tom.

Lorraine wants Isabel and Emily to work together. Isabel lashes out at Emily for sleeping with Aaron.

Lynn is touched by Mars taking on the opioid crisis by ruining FlagKind the company that sold the drugs she got addicted to.

Eli source had someone come to him working for momberg. He didn't help but suspected that someone else was willing to.

Kirkman may have to invoke martial law because the governor of Texas had a press conference informing the public about the ongoing plot to potentially kill all of the people of color in the country. He doesn't want the news out until it's resolved.

Momberg took cyanide pill when they went to capture him.

Emily figured out Lorraine has a mole in the Moss camp.

Davis Eli's source lets him know the guy who came to his office looking for bioweapons is a Phil Dunton Moss' campaign spokesperson

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Ten days before the election I'm busier than a whorehouse on nickel night. This better be good.


Ave atque vale, Agent Wells. I salute you.