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Peter tells Lois he's going to Quagmire's to look through boxes of men's clothes Ida left for them. Lois admonishes him. 

Cutaway to Peter's Late Night Party commercial.

At Quagmire's the guys are looking through boxes when Peter finds old video tapes. Quagmire tells them he was in a Korean soap opera called "Winter/Summer" when he was stationed there.

The guys start watching "Winter/Summer."

The show features Quagmire as American Johnny. It is all in English subtitles. Peter, Cleveland, and Joe are totally into the show and begin binge-watching.

Cutaway to Shawshank Redemption poster gag.

The guys want to watch the final episode of "Winter/Summer", but it not in the boxes. Quagmire doesn't remember what happened because it was 20 years ago.

Cutaway to German comedy writers gag.

Peter is so intent on finding the last episode and searches the internet, but can't find it . Quagmire tells them it only aired in Korea, so Peter comes up with the idea to go to Korea to look for it. 

Cutaway to Dave Navarro gag.

Peter tells Lois and the kids that he is leaving. Lois thinks it's stupid and asks about work. He tells what to do via a cutaway gag of him calling Angela using "Who's the Boss" show.

In Korea, everyone knows American Johnny and is excited when they see Quagmire. They go to a hotel and get a special room. Peter asks for a room where the toilet says "yum, yum".

The guys are waiting downstairs when Cleveland asks where Peter is. Quagmire tells him he went to get plastic surgery. Peter comes back with big, doe eyes and a tiny nose.

As they leave, his costar Soo Jim (Yee Sun) finds him. Peter is excited because she has the final video of the soap. The guys are also excited because the real life romance between American Johnny and Yee Sun. Shipping at its best.

Cutaway to an American Johnny app gag.

Quagmire admits that they were involved. She invites them over for dinner and to watch video. 

Cutaway to Pac Man gag.

Quagmire learns that the cat, Buttercup, he owned with Soo is still alive and had kittens. 

Cleveland thinks he can say "giggity" in Quagmire's place.

The gang finishes eating and Peter asks to see the tape. Cutaway to half man/half horse gag.

They video and cry at the final scene. Peter admonishes American Johnny for leaving Korea and Quagmire takes it to heart, deciding he is going to stay in Korea. Peter just wants to go home. Quagmire insists he is serious.

It's a cliffhanger that leads to Ashton Kutcher commercial cutaway about the Dr. Lee Pet Engine Cooking Bag.

At a bar, Joe, Cleveland, and Peter talk about Quagmire's decision when a K-pop video comes on. Peter says he knows how to get through to a Korean while Joe starts to pull out his billy club but quickly puts it away when he realizes Peter was talking about creating a video/song.

They go back to Soo's house and present Quagmire with their song, but Quagmire is not convinced. Quagmire gets in bed with Soo and he finds out that in Korean tradition the whole family sleeps together. 

The guys are at the airport waiting to go home. They are about to board the plane with Quagmire shows up with Soo's family in a flsh mob sort of way. Quagmire has decided to come home.

Back at home, the guys are at the Clam talking about Korea and Quagmire expresses how happy he is to be at home.

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This is more pussy than even I can handle.