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In a change of pace, Miles' friend request comes in the form of a former chess player's Facebook fan page. 

Miles learns that Graham Hasting, a chess player who dissapeared ten years ago, is reportedly going to be playing a game in the park. 

He rushes over there with Rakesh only to find Cara covering the event for her job and Ray, the private investigator, responsible for the meet-up. 

Ray tells them he was hired by someone to find Graham and attempted to lure him out through the fan-page. 

Arthur tells Miles that Graham dissapeared shortly after losing a game to his best friend Aleksander.

When Cara and Miles track down Aleksander, they find Ray already there. Aleksander is his client, and since he's suffering from pancreatic cancer, he wants to reconnect with his former friend. 

Cara and Ray dig through the database and realize Graham changed his name to John Turner, a generic name so he wouldn't be easily located. 

Miles heads over to a chess shop owned by Larry, the creator of the fan-page. 

Although Larry doesn't know anything about Graham's whereabouts, Miles notices a package on his desk that's addressed to John Turner. 

When they get to the address, they find Graham. 

He's not interested in meeting with Aleksander because he blames him for taking away a game that he loved.

However, when he lands in the hospital, Graham agrees to come out of hiding and visit him. 

At the hospital the reunion doesn't go as planned. Aleksander confesses that he cheated to beat Graham by reading his play books. 

Graham tells him he'll never forgive him and bolts out of the room. He finds a young girl playing chess in the children's room and decides to play a game with her. 

The little girl, Annabella, turns out to be Aleksander's daughter. In addition to telling Graham the truth about his victory, he also wanted to ask his former friend to be his daughter's mentor after he passes. 

Graham agrees on one condition: they need a rematch. 

Meanwhile, Miles volunteers at the hospital with Nia. He's impressed with her volunteering work with the children and eventually kisses her after she confesses to liking him. 

Cara tells her co-worker and Ray that things are "good" with Eli, however, good is not great. 

Ray tells her that she shouldn't settle for someone that isn't great and mentions her chemistry with Miles. 

Much to Rakesh's surprise, Graham doesn't just know Falken, he knows Falken's real name: Henry Chase. 

With that in his arsenal, Rakesh sends Falken a personal message in hopes of finding out everything about the God account. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nia: What if you stop getting friend suggestions?
Mikes: Your point?
Nia: I know how much you like helping people. Getting the truth might end your journey. Maybe you can stand a little agnosticism when it comes to the God account?

What about you? God give you any leads?