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Teddy is upset that Meredith didn't share with Megan that she's the person Nathan was dating. Amelia is defensive on her sister's behalf. 

Meredith talks to Megan but Megan doesn't have a problem with it.

Meredith chooses to do a risky, rare surgery which is an abdominal transplant on Megan. The others don't want Megan to do it, but she goes through with it anyway. It's a success and Richard tells Maggie that Mer is how Ellis used to be.

Jo sleeps with a bespectacled intern. It's mentioned that he is her George.

Ben finally has enough of the two of them, and has a conversation reminding Jo that Alex is not like the men who abused her in the past. He tells Alex that Jo is afraid of him. 

Jo and Alex hash things out and he tells her about finding her husband. They hook up and make up.

Nathan proposes again to Megan but Meredith interrupts. Things are awkward. Nathan reveals later on that Megan said no because she feels he's in love with Meredith still. Meredith walks away when he tells her that.

Amelia buries herself in a case where she tries to reconstruct a young boy's jaw. Jackson is opposed but she goes through with it. She succeeds but just barely. 

Teddy, Owen's mother, and Megan talk to Owen about Amelia not being there for him. When he talks to Amelia about it, she tells him that she doesn't care if he runs to Teddy since she's still in love with him.

The woman Arizona slept with is Deluca's sister. She shows up at the hospital and proposes her study where she is researching female sexuality and orgasms for a female viagara. The other women are interested in her study.

She and Arizona share a moment in the MRI room.

Owen tells Teddy that his relationship with Amelia is probably over. They kiss but she tells him that they can't go through with it because he's still married.

Amelia volunteers to participate in Carina (DeLuca's sister) study, but Andrew and Carina notice that Amelia has a brain tumor when they look at her MRI.


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