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Zoe comes back to Bluebell on the Hart of Dixie Season 3 premiere.

After a 5 month absence from Bluebell Zoe returns to get some closure when she finds it incredibly hard to leave the town she has fallen in love with. Even though they've fallen out of love with her. The town blames Zoe for the lawsuits against them because George Tucker left after Zoe confessed her love to him. In order for the town to forgive her, she finds George. Luckily for Zoe, Lemon whips him back into shape to save the town.

Zoe and Wade are at peace and all is seemingly forgiven until Zoe's newest love, Joel, strolls into town. This puts Lemon's plan into motion; she tells Zoe that her and Wade are in a romantic relationship. This sparks jealousy within Zoe.

Lemon Breeland confesses she has been having secret sex with Meatball, and she is replused by it but keeps going back for more.

Annabeth and Lavon have a new house guest, Lavon's cousin Lenley, who isn't A.B's favorite. After some words, Lenley goes to the bar and proposed that her and George sleep together.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

It was nice to see you Zoe..... I mean. Screw you Zoe Hart!


I am positive our little Lemon is getting her some squeeze.


Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Bronze radio return further on Further On Bronze Radio Return iTunes
Lee dewyze fight Fight Lee DeWyze iTunes
Mando saenz the road im on The Road I'm On Mando Saenz iTunes