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Charlotte tells Audrey, Nathan and Dwight where she's from. She explains her world as being independently of ours, more advanced and far away. They must stay far away.

Dwight immediately turns on Charlotte. She pleads to be believed. Mara is dangerous. She wants to take her away and undo any damage that has been done.

One of Duke's customers comes out to tell him to make his own Kahlua because it would make his White Russian's taste better. Now, that's the biggest joke I've ever heard and Duke is having none of it.

He tries to calm down and unintentionally infects her with a Trouble. One that means she breaks everything she touches, including her boyfriend, Jeffrey.

Charlotte says Mara brought the aether Troubles here for love. Misguided love. When she found out, she tried to make a punishment that would make reparations and make Mara realize the error of her ways.

Audrey cannot believe the Barn stole personalities from women just to teach her daughter a lesson. Also to help Haven, says Charlotte. As for Audrey, there cannot be a copy of Mara in the same world that will survive. If she takes Mara away, that may change.

At the police station, some people are locked inside a door that subsequently lost its hinges, doorknob and keyhole. Whoops.

At the hospital, Gloria is trying to get a sedative. She's making a commotion so Duke can get to Charlotte. 

When Duke removes his shirt, you can see black hand prints all over his torso and back. Charlotte starts examining him.

Nathan and Audrey head out for coffee. Something went wrong. When Nathan felt her she could feel her cold, but I was under the impression he couldn't feel Audrey after she separated from Mara.

Mara jumps into the truck with Audrey. Mara isn't surprised at all to learn her mom is in town. I guess she did see her earlier. She wants Audrey to demand Charlotte to open a thinnie so she can escape, alone, and oh, if anyone kills her, Duke will explode. She pops Audrey in the back of a head as a going away gift.

There is a group of students on a boat and the teacher thinks a kid is high when he says a rope moved by itself. It's trying to trap people, similar to the door issue at the police station. It does a bang up job with a fishing net, to the point the boat starts to take on water.

Vince and Dave are chatting and Dave stops mid-sentence with a vision of Roanoake. Stupid.

Charlotte and Audrey talk about Duke and how they might be able to stop Mara and keep Duke from exploding.

Duke goes to the Teagues to find out how far the Troubles go. Duke wants to explode somewhere safe. He wants to go to the void and explode for safely.

Audrey and Charlotte try to get Nathan to understand why Audrey and Mara need to merge. He doesn't understand. But Audrey wants to do it. Her, Audrey Parker. She wants to save Haven. It's her decision. Nathan promises that when it's done, he's going to get her back.

Audrey helps the kids on the boat in the meantime. She has the names of the kids. 

Duke is chained up in his boat. Mara checks in and he wonders if she misses the toe. Nope. 

Mara and Charlotte talk about what happened. Charlotte says she's sure Mara is angry she lost dad. Charlotte blames herself for allowing things to go so far. She tries to get Mara to understand why she should accept Audrey back into her.

Nathan tracks down Duke looking for Mara. Duke already knows what he's going to say. He's taking her to a thinnie, and open one. He's going to kill her on the doorstep so he can go through it and explode.

Talking about her dad, Mara starts to cry and stumbles a bit.

Nathan wants Duke to allow Mara and Audrey to combine. They feel a very brisk wind and run toward Audrey. Charlotte is kneeling on the ground with both versions of her daughter beside her. A bright light comes off of them and they disappear.

Charlotte chose to save Audrey instead of Mara, who she felt was suffering for no purpose.

Charlotte tells Duke Mara really did like him and turned him off. Just moments later, clouds roll in and Duke's eyes go black. Dwight drives into Haven through the clouds. What the hell?

Dave and Vince are stomping through the woods, looking for the rock and the word Croatoan. They find it. Carved today. They look back on the town and see the clouds. 

Duke starts to spasm. All of the Troubles shoot out of his eyes and fly toward people in town. The Troubles are starting anew and worse than ever.


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Haven Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

You must believe me. Mara is very dangerous and that's why I'm here. To take her away and undo whatever damage she's done.


I'm about 1100 in your years. Mara's about 600. Ish.