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Nathan and Fauxdrey don't remember anything about why or where they are, but she knows everything about him and them. He can't really argue with it.

Audrey goes through an argument with Croatoan wherein Vince fails to create a new Barn and she decides to make him aether weapons to get vengeance on whoever sent him into the void as long as he promises to leave everyone else alone.

Nathan and Fauxdrey go to the fog. She realizes she's not Audrey. She remembers she was supposed to be her, though, and that Nathan senses she's not really her. 

When they walk back through it's time for a montage of all things Haven, albeit a very short one, leading up to what happened with Croatoan. Then Fauxdrey disappears.

Dwight is there. And Duke, But only Dwight can see him. He's a ghost, not talking, only thinking through the air. Whatever.

Croatoan seems to kill Nathan. Then Audrey slowly asks him if he would give his life for her.

Croatoan is moved enough that he brings Nathan back to life after stopping Audrey in midair.

Then he wakes her up.

Croatoan decides to be magnanimous and leave with the Troubles and the aether.

Dead Duke tells Dwight to believe and he can keep Lizzie.

Audrey and Nathan say goodbye. She's going to leave to so the Troubled can live and the cycle will stop. There will not be a happy ending. She wants him to find someone who will make him happy so he can move on. 

He'll thing about her for every minute of every hour and that's how he'll be happy. 

All the Troubles get taken from the Troubled and sucked into the void in the sky. Jason Priestly even makes a little cameo as his Trouble is sucked out of him. Dwight's daughter disappears before his eyes, but comes back...he believes. Vince, Audrey and Croatoan disappear and so does the void.

Laverne makes her first live appearance on the finale.

Gloria is looking for Nathan. It's about the Troubles. The DNA marker is gone. It's not coming back. Vicky gives him a drawing of Audrey. IN the old days that would bring her alive.

On his way out of town to go fishing with Dwight, Nathan runs into Brokedown Paige and her baby son, James. She's not Audrey, but she's Audrey. Vince and Croatoan confirm it.


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