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Governor Jameson's assistant, Laura Hills, was murdered with a car bomb. McGarrett and the Five-O investigated and discovered that Laura was the person sending McGarrett the evidence that had been stolen from his father's tool box. As the evidence mounted, McGarrett became the number one suspect in her murder.

A key belonging to an antique desk fit the lock of a desk owned by Governor Jameson. McGarrett fled the H.P.D. and went after the governor. She confessed that she killed Laura Hills for betraying her, and that she had connections to Wo Fat. Wo Fat attacked McGarrett with a taser and then murdered Governor Jameson.

McGarrett was arrested for the murder of the governor.

Chin accepted an offer to become a lieutenant for the H.P.D..

Rachel told Danno that she was pregnant and moving back to Newark.

Kono was arrested for taking the money from the police forfeiture locker that had been used to ransom Chin.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 24 Quotes

Why are you dressed like a ninja?


Jenna Kaye: That's crazy.
Danno: Welcome to my world.
Jenna Kaye: I like it. What do we do now?