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On this week's of Hell On Wheels…

Cullen Bohannon is brought to The Swede, head of security for Hell On Wheels, to confess the murder of Daniel Johnson. Bohannon refuses and is thrown into a train car to await to be hanged.

Thomas Durant arrives on the scene of the massacre of Robert Bell and his surveying crew. He prepares a newspaper writer to amp up the killings to gain a calling for civilizing the land and spin it into a political advantage for himself. He also knows that Lily Bell is still alive.

Lily continues to run away from the Cheyenne Indians but is rescued by Joseph Black Moon, a Cheyenne who has turned to God and Christianity.

Sean and Mickey Mcginnes continue to make money with their shows, but The Swede demands that they pay $2 per week to remain in their spot.

Bohannon escapes his chains and runs to Durant asking to become the new foreman. Durant finally agrees.

Hell on Wheels
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