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The episode opened with Lightman at illegal street fight. After the fight Lightman walked out of a bar with the winner of the fight and took his keys so he would not drive home drunk. The fighter was shot shortly after Lightman left him to take the bus.

The next day at the office the Agent Reynolds and his new supervisor Bernard Dylan have enlisted the Lightman Group’s help on the case of a dead street fighter named Raul Campos. Lightman confided in Reynolds that he was with the fighter and asked him to buy him some time so Agent Dylan would not arrest him as the primary suspect. Ria was looking at some camera phone video that had been supplied to the FBI and found footage of Lightman at the fight and deleted it.

Ria followed Lightman to a warehouse that is owned by a man named Ron Marshall. Lightman is there to try and stop Marshall from killing the rival fighter who was falsely blamed for the death of Raul as he had lost the night before to Raul. Lightman fast talked Ria’s way out of the situation and got Ria out of the dangerous situation.  Lightman help rescue the fighter and after speaking to him learned that he had thrown the fight to help Raul as he was afraid someone was after him.

Back at the Lightman Group, while Lightman was out, Agent Dylan brings in a person of interest who happened to be Marshall. Marshall appeared to recognize Ria but did not say anything as she cleared him of being involved with the shooting.

Ria and Lightman continued to dodge Agent Dylan until they found an image of a man at the fight who was clearly not there for the fight. The man in the image turned out to be Raul Campos’ brother. It seems that Raul and his brother had been freedom fighter in Peru and Raul escaping did not go well with them. Lightman found out that Raul’s brother had been sent to the states to bring Raul back or kill him.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Lightman: I go to the fights to look at faces.

Ria: Yea, and you read Playboy for the articles.

Agent Reynolds: We need your help with a murder case.
Lightman: Sure, who you want me to kill?