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The episode opened Lightman coming home to find Emily and her friend Amanda listening to music really loud. Amanda eventually asked for Lightman’s help in finding out if her father was actually getting help in a private hospital or if they were keeping him in there by giving him drugs. 

Lightman brings Eli, Ria, and Gillian on helping Amanda’s father Wayne. Lightman and Gillian speak to Wayne and feel that something strange is going on. After Wayne’s sister Gina lies to Eli and Ria, Gillian and Lightman go to see her and in turn stopped to see Amanda. While talking to her Lightman steals one of the muffins she has cooling.

That evening Lightman goes to the hospital to get Wayne out but ends up having a breakdown himself and wakes up in his own room where he has a conversation with his dead mother about why she killed herself. After trying to find the drug that the hospital gave Wayne and himself Lightman was just beginning to think he was really loosing it when he saw that Wayne had a new batch of muffins.

Lightman gave one of the muffins to Eli to have the lab test. Eli not only had the lab test it but videotaped himself eating the muffin where he went absolutely bonkers. It turned out that Gina had been drugging Wayne remotely to keep him locked up so she could be in full control of the family business. With the cat out of the bag and Wayne now back to normal Amanda and Wayne were reunited.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Lightman: I am nothing like my mother. Except for that time I mooned the Queen.
Amanda: Of England?!
Lightman: Yeah, I don't know what came over me.

Gillian: You attacked that orderly, can you tell me what was going through you mind at the time?
Lightman: the Bridge of his nose.