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The episode opened with a car crash and a woman saving the woman driver, but the male passenger did not survive. The man turned out to be Juan Salazar a famous baseball star. The Assistant DA wants to charge the kid who was driving the other car with “Murder 2."

Lightman and his team got involved when Lightman points out that the woman who was first on the scene was showing signs of guilt over the accident. While Eli, Ria, and Gillian worked with the Assistant DA on interviewing the driver of the car Lightman began speaking the off duty paramedic Ilene Clarke.

Lightman picked out right away that Ilene was somehow involved and after he has his own car crash where Ilene was the first on the scene had Lightman digging deeper. Lightman and Gillian went to Ilene’s house and spoke with her brother who was slightly disabled after a car accident that happened when they were kids.

Lightman picked up quickly that Ilene had become a paramedic because of the accident that killed her mother and left her brother disabled. However, what Lightman didn’t find the first time but did on a return trip what that the brother was keeping mementos from each crash his sister was at because he was actually the one causing the crashes.

Lightman confronted Ilene about her brother and as they were speaking she got a text from her brother with the address where he was and another accident. When they arrived the brother was the one who had been in the accident because he wanted to die. As she was tried the sister saved his life. 

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Lightman: You take it out of the fridge; you take the cap off, stick your beak in and give it a good sniff.
Emily: I am not smelling the milk unless you answer me about the trip.

She is an assistant DA with no time for small talk, or donuts.