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The news is reporting on the impeachment. Normally a President would use executive privilege to protect her family, but Elizabeth has not.

Elizabeth is worried about Stevie. Henry is sure she will be fine.

At a meeting, Olivia says the prosecutor will be tough. Mike is sure that he will not be convicted of murder. Meanwhile, an American tech executive has disappeared in Russia. Could be a mob hit or could be state-ordered. 

Blake interrupts. It is time for Elizabeth to watch Stevie testify.

Stevie gets ready to testify Mike thinks the lead prosecutor is hung over. Nina interrupts. Apparently Volk is in the Iranian embassy. Elizabeth wants to know what Russia knew about this before she takes action.

Stevie makes a speech about how this is partisan BS and she is proud to be here so they can see who Elizabeth really is.

Stevie is questioned about working for Russell and why she was chosen as his intern. He argues that this is proof that Elizabeth abuses her privilege. Stevie says the only reason Russell hired her is because she happened to be in Russell's office when he had a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks to the Russian President, who claims to be surprised about Volk. Iran is not talking to her so she would like Russia's help. Russia says the embassy isn't under their jurisdiction. Elizabeth says Volk's kidnapping hurts the global economy. Russia says to talk to Iran. Elizabeth says if Volk steps out of the embassy, he is Russia's responsibility.

Elizabeth wants Russell to reach out to the DNI to see if there was any quid pro quo between Russia and Iran.

Canning tries to claim that Elizabeth is a liar because a teenage Stevie said she lied about the war in Iraq.

Dmitri is watching while Canning asks Stevie about Dmitri, goes on about Dmitri's past. He insists that Henry allowing Stevie to date Dmitri is proof Elizabeth has poor character.

Canning is out of time. Heeney takes over. He asks about her work at Amnesty International. She claims that she did not use Elizabeth to get her current job. Heeney yields his time to Canning. Caning goes on about Dmitri and says she is a liar too because she didn't tell them she was dating Dmitri and dismisses her from the meeting.

Stevie tells Henry and Elizabeth she is sorry. Henry says this is their fault. Elizabeth says none of this is on Stevie.

Russell thinks Henry should not testify. Henry plans to obey the subpoena. He wants to straighten this out. Olivia says that there may be a problem with classified info re: Dmitri. Elizabeth says then they need a closed hearing. Everyone leaves and Henry says he'll fix this.

Stevie calls Dmitri. She's sorry she didn't call yesterday. Dmitri says he didn't hurt anyone with the assault charge. He broke a TV. Stevie was thrown by the addiction issue. Dmitri said he was addicted to pain meds before. Stevie says she dated an addict before. Dmitri says he is sober now. Dmitri is sorry he has brought her family so much trouble. He asks to meet. Stevie needs time to think things through but will call him.

An intelligence guy says there is evidence that Russia was involved in Volk's disappearance. There is a payment from Iran to the President of Russia.

The Russian President denies this and says the agreement was widely reported. Elizabeth says what wasn't reported is how much the Russian President is enriching his own pockets. She gives him 12 hours to get Volk released ad tell her the flight plan or she will go public with the corruption.

Intelligence says they have intercepted Volk's plane and will bring him home. No response from Iran thus far.

They watch in the Situation Room. They first need to see if Volk is alive. There is a lot of shooting when the Army demands Volk  be released.

Volk is inside the plane but there is no word on if he is alive. Elizabeth says do nothing til we know Volk is safe. Iran is threatening to attack Israel with nuclear weapons over this. Elizabeth wants to talk to Iran. Russell thinks that's a bad idea because of impeachment. 

Iran wants their citizen back. Elizabeth says he doesn't want to do this. Being a bully will result in a lot of smart bombs etc and a proxy war with Israel he cannot win. So let Volk go peacefully.. Iran guy will talk to the Supreme Leader Russell compliments Elizabeth but she is worried.

Stevie sits in the stairwell staring at her phone. She looks at Dmitri's Instagram and at soe sexpot that misses him.

Closed hearing begins. 

Canning questions Henry about Dmitri's capture and release. He claims Henry's vetting was not thorough enough because he didn't know about the opioid addiction.

Olivia shuts that down. Canning claims that Elizabeth installed Henry and that Henry manipulated Dmitri to try to make Elizabeth President, and used his position to let Elizabeth do whatever she wanted. 

Henry says that Canning would fail his class. He uses a theory of ethics that argues that why we do what we do is as important as what we do. He says Elizabeth's record shows she is virtuous. Canning says Henry is delusional. Henney yields his time to Canning.

Volk is finally home. Hanson goes on the news and talks about how skillful Elizabeth is at manipulation and how Volk bowed to her. He thinks Elizabeth made up the story about the kidnapping. Russell has had enough of this nonsense. Elizabeth wants to make a stop.

Stevie and Dmitri meet. She was thrown off by the addiction news. She asks him about the woman when he was in Alaska. She says just don't lie. Dmitri insists the girl wasn't her girlfriend. Dmitri points out she was the one who had a boyfriend. Stevie says she didn't try to hide it. Dmitri asks her not to look at him like she doesn't know him. Stevie apologizes. 

Elizabeth insists on seeing Hanson at home. She says this is not a state visit. Shet ells him he is a hypocrite who has made this personal. She doesn't understand why he is doing this when he doesn't believe it. His son comes downstairs. Hanson wants to talk officially but Elizabeth refuses. Hanson says she is an aberration and once she is gone the country will be better off.

Henry thinks Hanson just hates Elizabeth because she's a woman.  Elizabeh wonders why Hanson calls the country "she" but can't accept a female President.. She wants to testify before the House. 



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Mike: I think I can be confident that I will not be convicted of the murder of a state Senator.
Elizabeth: You plant enough doubt in the public's mind and they'll believe anything.

Henry: Let's hope Olivia is right and it's not a circus like the Senate hearings.
Elizabeth: Just an impeachment trial.