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The CIA has invaded the Palace, rounding up Five-0 agents. Tani takes down one agent to reach the elevator, then climbs out of it to escape. She picks up Quinn. They are the only ones that have escaped capture. Junior was kidnapped and his captor wants to trade him for the list of undercover CIA agents. Tani and Quinn recruit Magnum and company and they have a deadline in four hours. Magnum wants to find the list which McGarrett has hidden. McGarrett's place has been trashed by the CIA. Eddie confronts Juliet. But he rolls over for Magnum. Higgins tracks McGarrett's cell ping to a remote area. McGarrett handed off the list to Kamekona. He gives the SD card to TC and Rick after Tani threatens him by phone. Higgins can't crack the encryption so they search for the original programmer. Daniel Hong's widow Erin lets them look at his laptop. Higgins tracks the encryptor through Erin's wifi and they abduct him. Tani threatens to cut off his fingers. But he deletes the file instead and Tani attacks him. The abductor calls Magnum and Magnum demands proof of life. Magnum proposes turning over a blank encrypted SD card. Higgins says Erin had lied to them. Erin was after the list as well. She is also a Chinese spy and has Junior, not Mei. They ask to speak with Erin at the exchange. TC, Rick, and Tani race off to the van where Junior is being held since they have only 90 seconds to find him. Junior isn't in the van. Magnum tells them the card is blank. He takes out the guards and forces Erin to tell them where Junior is. Magnum's crew rescues him. Tani and Junior celebrate at Rick's bar. 

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

What's the matter, big guy? You look like a scared kid on the first day of kindergarten.

Rick [to TC]

Didn't you once say dogs are excellent judges of character?

Magnum [to Higgins]