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Percy tries to get Gregorio to go out, but she goes home instead. That's where she tackles her ex-husband.Ethan McKinley, who tells her he's in trouble. Ethan said he's been in witness protection this whole time, after testifying against the Aufiero crime family. Alex Aufiero, who joined the Navy and left the family, has been killed, and a video shows McKinley fleeing the scene. When Gregorio returns to her apartment, Ethan has escaped. She meets him at their favorite restaurant. Percy and LaSalle track down Ethan and arrest him and are surprised to find Gregorio there. Ethan tells Pride and LaSalle that Alex saved his wife by taking a bullet meant for him, and tells them he can identify Alex's killer, VIncenzo Moretti. Sebastian found rum on Alex's body from the shuttered distillery. They go there to find Vincenzo, but Gregorio takes him out before they can question him. Vincenzo's gun matches the bullet from Alex's body, but Sebastian thinks Alex was the target, since Vincenzo took a photo of Alex's body. Sebastian discovered the empty envelope on Alex's body had contained bank documents from an offshore account. Ethan came back to New Orleans to con Alex out of the embezzled FEMA funds, and his brothers Alex and Theo want it too. Pride wants to recover the money and take down the Aufieros. Gregorio tells Ethan he's going to help the Aufieros steal the money or go to jail. Ethan cons the Aufieros into thinking that he can get the money by posing as Alex. Pride runs interference for Ethan when the bank manager tries to trip him up. The brothers try to kill Ethan. Ethan escapes, and they discover he had transferred the money to his own account. Gregorio locates Ethan on the tropical island they'd once visited and arrests him. Ethan and the Aufieros went to jail and the money is recovered. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Percy: Gregorio?
Ethan: Oh, this just got awkward.

Percy: You're going to have to stop hiding sometime.
Gregorio: OK, Dr. Phil. Relent.