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After the killing of his father Cassius by Parsons, Pride and the team work to track down Apollyon, the group of former intelligence agents. Sebastian is going to attempt to decode Parsons' tattoo with the Apollyon dossier. Pride tells Jimmy that Cassius is dead. Jimmy storms out of protective custody. Loretta goes right back to work after being held hostage. Rita and Laurel come home to comfort Pride. Pride and Hannah go to interrogate Walker, the Apollyon agent they captured. Walker expects the Apollyon boss to start killing off agents to protect himself. Rita brings takeout to the office to check on Pride. An upset Jimmy shows up at the morgue to say goodbye to Cassius, and Pride goes to deal with him. Hannah and LaSalle go to Texas to hope to capture the only Apollyon agent identified by Walker who is still alive. The sheriff arresting him gets shot by a sniper, then the agent is killed. Hannah approaches Professor Ryan Porter, Hannah's husband. He connects them with an NSA officer, Agent Nancy Cooper. She takes him to an NSA outpost, where he learns about Apollyon's background. The NSA gives Pride's team everything they have about Apollyon. The information sends Pride back to Slidell prison and Walker, who also claims to have a dossier on Apollyon. A lockdown is imposed at the prison. Walker is missing afterward. Apollyon has someone inside the NSA. They find Cooper dead, with Porter's name on her phone. Hannah rushes to their home to make sure they are safe. Pride returns to the NSA outpost, but it's empty. Pride figures out NSA analyst Sinclair is Apollyon's leader, and Sinclair left a photo of his stable for Pride to find. Sinclair poisons himself. There is a first-line funeral procession for Cassius, then a wake at the Tru Tone. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Being around you is more dangerous than drugs.

Jimmy [to Pride]

Loretta: I'll spare you my two cents on coping.
Pride: Thank you.