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Our team investigates the kidnapping of 13-year-old Rebecca Mason when her entire school temporarily passes out from a gas leak and she’s the only one not accounted for.

Rebecca’s grandfather, Nicholas Mason, has been caring for her while both her parents are deployed at sea.

He speculates that maybe the kidnappers are after the money that Rebecca’s mother recently inherited.

Things gets complicated when we learn Mason has been fielding calls from her kidnapper and sets out to meet with the kidnapper on his own. After tracking Mason to the meeting location, Gibbs finds the kidnapper’s hired thug dead.

More bodies start dropping every time we get close to capturing him.

It turns out that the kidnapper was once a member of Mason's field operatives team that answered directly to the President, Cold War style. Their mission was to do whatever it took to get the job done resulting in many casualties. They operated outside the chain of command, but within the law. Mostly.

Once the team was complete with their mission they were to go back to civilian life and to never contact one another. Our kidnapper, thought to have died in one of the missions, is back and is atoning for the sins he believed he committed while on Nicholas’ team.

We discover our kidnapper was none other than Rebecca’s teacher, who used the kidnapping as a way to get Nicholas to contact his old team members for help. This gave our kidnapper easy access to the rest of them, making it look like Mason was behind it all.

Nicholas Mason himself is the final person to be killed and our team must do everything to prevent it from happening including saving the life of his granddaughter.

Thanks to an elaborate ruse, Ziva pretends to take him out (it was a blank, he used corn syrup), and the kidnapper revealed the girl's location afterward. Sucker.

Meanwhile, interns arrive at NCIS for a week and it proves to be quite a pleasure for some of our team and a challenge for others. Gibbs is surprisingly okay with it.

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Abby: Also, you are not to touch my computer, my lab equipment, my MP3 player, my CafPow, my desk or Bert my farting hippo, without my express written consent.
Intern: Well, how am I gonna' do anything?
Abby: And there's no cameras or flash photography.
Intern: Well, I don't have a camera.
Abby: And if I accidentally turn my back to you, you are to immediately move back into my eyeline.
Intern: Why don't I just wear bells?
Abby: That's a really good idea. I mean I'm sorry about this.. I mean Darren worked out but, I just had problems with people that have been assigned to my lab. (Abby pulls out a collar with bells) It'll just be better this way.
Intern: I uh, I'm not putting those on.
Abby: Oh no, actually you are.
Intern: No I'm not.
Abby: Except for the fact that you are.

Tony: What's goin' on here? We being replaced by younger models?
Ziva: I am a younger model.
Tony: If that was intended to hurt me you've succeeded.
Ziva: And we are not being replaced. They are from Waverly University.
Tony: Oh yeah. That's right. Director Vance's internship program. It's not a good idea. Feeds McGee's need to have groupies.