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-Jess, frustrated that Coach only views her as Nick's girlfriend, tries to develop a closer relationship with him by faking an interest in his favorite team, the Detroit Pistons.

-Nick, a die-hard Bulls fan, is offended by Jess's fake interest in the Pistons, and goes on a sex strike until she repents.

-Jess, angered by Nick's foolishness, starts a sex strike of her own.

-Jess spends a lot of time faking an interest in the Pistons and watching games with Coach in an attempt to win his friendship.

-No longer able to fake an interest in basketball, Jess pretends the cable in the loft has been destroyed. But when Coach takes them out to dinner so that they can watch the game in the restaurant, she finds she can no longer fake it.

-Nick explains to Coach that Jess is simply trying to be his friend, and that he should try to show interest in her hobbies and interests, too.

-Nick tries to end the sex strike by wearing a Pistons shirt, only to find Jess, wearing as Bulls shirt, also looking to end the sex strike.

-They end the sex strike, if you know what I mean.

-Coach tells Jess about his childhood, showing his more vulnerable side.

-Schmidt brings Winston to work to shadow him, to see if he would be interested in a new job in marketing.

-However, Schmidt is also asked to train Ed, a new older employee--who sets about stealing Schmidt's ideas.

-With Winston's help, Schmidt undercuts Ed, who looks bad in a meeting and fakes a heart attack to get out of trouble.

-Winston decides to look into becoming a police officer.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Jess: Nothin' but net!
Coach: Traditionally, that refers to hitting nothing but the inside of the net.

Winston: So...where do you do the marketing?
Schmidt: Oh, Winston. So naive, so sweet. We do the marketing EVERYWHERE!