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This week on Nikita:

- Alex and Nikita are chatting online. She tells Alex to be ready to let her know when Division responds to what she’s about to do.

- Nikita meets with someone who’s husband [Victor] she killed. She tells her that she needs to go upstate and protect herself so Nikita can go after the people who hired Division to kill Victor.

- Nikita visits fashion division and meets with a designer who uses slave labor workers in the Red Circle Triad to make her clothes to get her to tell her where the sweat shop is.

- Alex is asked to disconnect a bomb under a jeep, but has flashbacks of a fire, resulting in a panic attack leaving her paralyzed and Thom drags her out.

- Amanda shows up as Thom consoles Alex.

- Birkhoff finds footage of Nikita at the fashion district, and Michael thinks Nikita is reopening the case from six years ago.

- Michael flashes back to Nikita’s training days at Division. Michael and Nikita have a fight, Michael winning with one arm behind his back. There is palatable chemistry between the two. Michael activates Nikita to the outside world for a mission.

- Thom and Alex are training when Alex sees Michael heading out with the team, knowing he is on Nikita’s trail. She tries to go to the computer lab when she is told she has to see Amanda.

- Nikita goes to the sweatshop and asks Alex if there is any trouble and receives no response from Alex.

- Nikita flashes back to her time with Amanda before her first op, who tells her she’s earned Divisions trust, and now has to earn a family’s trust. A trust so strong that they take Nikita into their family.

- The flash back goes to the family Nikita ends up getting a babysitting job with, and the parents immediately fall in love with her. The father works for Homeland Security, and Nikita freaks out a bit. Nikita is welcomed into the family.

- Back to current time, Nikita approaches the sweatshop, freeing all of the workers and telling them that whatever debt they owe to Red Circle Triad is cleared. Nikita burns down the sweatshop.

- Alex meets with Amanda to talk about her panic attack. Amanda brings up the time when Alex was held by the Russians and we learn that she was used as a sex slave, who was addicted to drugs. Amanda then drugs Alex.

- Nikita flashes back again to her time with the family, she’s playing with the baby when Michael instructs her to take the baby outside of the house. The husband is staying indoors. Nikita doesn’t want to hand the baby over to Division, but is forced to, since the child is in danger if she doesn’t. she baby is promised to be returned to the mother, as Division doesn’t have the authority to hurt the wife or the baby. The house is blown up and the husband dies. Michael tells Nikita he’s so loyal to Percy because he owes him his life.

- Back to real time, Nikita is surrounded by Division members and is still trying to contact Alex, who is locked up and restrained until she can get her heart rate down to a normal rate and then the restraint will react. If she doesn’t, she will not be able to do another op since she will be a liability and will be deactivated.

- Nikita poses as a photographer instead of a model, which Division suspects she will. She successfully gets into the Triad and kills the members who are speaking to the headquarters in Hong Kong. At the other side of the webcam is the father of the family. He never died, and recognizes her immediately.

- Nikita is devastated to learn that the father was a Triad. She felt bad that she thought she killed him, and she then learns that Percy and Victor are in cahoots. Victor was a dirty double worker. Michael learns that Percy did not share these details with him and made a deal with a criminal.

- Nikita goes to Hong Kong, and Victor has her tased and they come face to face. They fight about them both living a lie. Victor admits to his old family being a cover, and he has a real one in Hong Kong. She remembers his allergy to peanuts and kills all of his guards. Michael shows up in Hong Kong and kills one of the guards that tries to kill Nikita, then lets her drive away with Nikita.

- Alex and Amanda work through her anxiety issues. Amanda wants Alex to tell her about her pain to let it go and Alex says she likes her pain. Alex lies about the story of her flashback, while watching the real happening go on in her head. Her heart rate drops and she gets out of the restraint.

- Nikita meets up with the mother of the family, who has decided that Victor is dead to her.

- Alex and Thom flirt, and Alex gets on to chat with Nikita and says everything’s fine.

- Michael tells Nikita he’s so loyal to Percy because he owes him his life.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Man, Nikki's all hardcore about this huh? Kinda crazy how she's going back to her greatest hits, no pun.


Michael: OK, so where is this place?
Birkhoff: The quarters for the Red Circle Triad in New York. Not much going on right now but at night it turns into a pretty happening spot. Lady Gaga was there last Friday.